Author: Amita Kumari

5 Instant Effective Tips for Your Facebook Event Marketing

The date is fixed. The venue is booked. Now you only need to get more audience to show up. Nervous? Tensed? Maybe a little? Don’t be. If you don’t know how to market an event effectively through social media, here’s a list of top 5 event marketing tips. Actually, it’s not essential that you have a big marketing budget or celebrity supports to make the event successful. Just use these tips and best practices as your event marketing plan and fill out the conference room. Why maximum proportion of the social media marketers find it much more complex, than...

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Powerful Features Behind Instagram’s Boom

Generally it is a difficult task to choose the best among your favorites. Relatively it becomes very easy when it comes to social media, undoubtedly we can say Instagram is the best choice for all. We all are aware about previously Instagram was undervalued among the well-known social media organizations. What are the key reasons behind the turnover of Instagram? It is the most obvious question which commonly arise in everybody’s mind right? Now Instagram has reached the peak of success, with a great achievement which include: Recent fastest developing social media platform 1.6 billion Likes every day 60...

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