Author: Amita Kumari

What Makes Social Media Marketing More than a Usual Marketing Approach?

The power of social media is not just limited to business marketing but instead it include several business activities which play an important role in marketing. In order to have a completely centroidal on customers or to achieve integrated approach of marketing social media is fundamental. At times when the marketers have started using social media marketing, they were having a limited idea on the capacity of social media. But, the passage of time, people have revealed several beneficial features of social media. Social media for business marketing have till now help across millions of organizations to build a...

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5 Instant Effective Tips for Your Facebook Event Marketing in 2021

The date is fixed. The venue is booked. Now you only need to get more audience to show up. Nervous? Tensed? Maybe a little? Don’t be. If you don’t know how to market an event effectively through social media, here’s a list of top 5 event marketing tips. Actually, it’s not essential that you have a big marketing budget or celebrity supports to make the event successful. Just use these tips and best practices as your event marketing plan and fill out the conference room. Why maximum proportion of the social media marketers find it much more complex, than...

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