There are quite a few myths circulating around on the web about Social Media Management, in light of these, Socioboard would like to clear up some wrong mass thoughts hovering around.

Search engines can show up all the relevant talk about my brand

Scribbling in any brand name on search engines or social sites will definitely come up with some conversations but talking practically that’d be of very limited scope. There are umpteen numbers of review portals, websites and blogs where people whether they are customers or not rant about various products/services every single day. So, it’s high time to consider all options on the plate and not rely on just search engines, big or small.

Opinion Mining is a waste of Effort, Money and Time

We can’t say sentiment analysis is 100% accurate, but it surely gives analysts a decent amount of idea of how the product or service is being taken by the target and potential audience. The jist of the talk is paying for a social media management application which doesn’t offer sentiment analysis is surely a sour deal.

Google Alerts are as efficient as paid social media management applications

Google Alerts may land people in lots of spam data which is absolutely non essential, increases fruitless effort and decrease productivity of the team. Social Media Management tools offer agility, freedom and give users the flexibility of putting in specific keyword based search queries which solve the purpose and help achieve target.

Social media management applications have no respect for privacy laws

All social media management applications are only allowed to reach out to publicly-available data, so even if data from users comes up on your feed then it is quintessentially from conversations which are public anyway hence there is no possibility for privacy violation. Although the span of data which is made public by a user can be very broad and may not be comfortable for everyone.

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If an app is good in one platform then it would be same in another platform

Social media management is not only about tracking conversations, it is also about finding the right method which will most efficiently track them. It can’t be asserted as a thumb rule that if a tool is good in monitoring twitter it would also be great in Facebook – So, the important thing is finding a tool which suits specific requirements for an individual or an organization.

ROI is poor with Social Media Management applications

In this cloud of social media platforms businesses mostly talk about themselves and forget a very important part which is the CRM aspect through social media engagement

Putting an efficient social media management strategy in place will not just assist the brands to keep vigil on complaints/reviews about them coming up on the web, but it would also start a confidence building dialogue with their present/future clients.

Social Media Management and related Analytics are adequate to optimize my PR strategy

A comprehensive social media management application is indispensible for a brand’s online reputation but it is not the only thing to be kept in arsenal to have a solid PR strategy. A successful PR stratagem is always an amalgamation of quality of content, capability to engage audience, experience and good intuition about the prevailing situations in the current market.