In recent times people and businesses have adopted social media and amalgamated it into their lives and business processes. Few organizations have outsourced it, some are exploring it, experimenting and trying to absorb it into their business culture.

It can be said that social media broadly has 5 different stages viz.

  • Observe
  • Analyze
  • Take Action
  • Mutual Engagement
  • Optimize

Social media is primarily about offering value by virtue of conversations and interactions. Having said all the above we can easily see the Social Media Management process at the very core of social media marketing strategy, one has to fetch the data in the first place to analyze and process it. So having a versatile and purposeful social media monitoring plan is indispensable to any organization in this hi-tech age.

Have clear objectives

It is not wise to ignore the basics of business or have an ostrich type attitude. There has to be crystal clear objectives in mind as to what is to be achieved using social media. There are certain areas where social media can help and amplify results such as creating marketing plan, gathering competitive intelligence, brand building, quantifying success of marketing plan, CRM, getting new leads, recruitment etc.

Define KPIs for your social media campaign

Key Performance Indicators can be set up only if the goals have been defined clearly e.g. if branding is the goal then how to measure success in branding. Having predefined KPIs are extremely important to have a minimal distraction campaign.

Get a social media buzz research going

A prelim search about the talk of the town can come in very handy for the campaign, businesses can implement Google search, Facebook search etc. It will give a fair idea about the current trends and the degree of activity about a topic. Reviews about competitors can be observed and appropriate preemptive action can be taken.

Explore options to monitor

Understanding the target audience and their activity is very crucial to focus on the social media monitoring activities. Although we see kind of a monopoly in the social media world today but there can be a lot more which could be highly useful and effective. This fact can help to utilize many platforms which can leverage powerful positive impact on the business.

Have a strategy for keywords

Having a keyword strategy is as important for social media platforms as it is for SEO campaigns. Understanding what people are searching is equally beneficial as understanding what people are talking about. Identifying relevant keywords for a business and refining the list continuously is very important to be afloat on the ocean of data on the web.

Set up an action plan

This would be a straight to do list of what you want to say and how would you say it. It could contain elements like:

  • Create a standard template
  • Create landing pages
  • Create a forum thread
  • Following questions should be addressed in the action plan:
  • How to process the data collected
  • Where t store it, what to delete, what not to delete
  • How to respond to influencers in social media

Social Media Management would surely bring massive pool of data and managing it could be a daunting task if there isn’t a proper action plan.

Make a team and allot responsibilities

Team setting and defining correct roles as per caliber is very important for a successful social media campaign. There should be niche roles like content writing, social media support team, think tank etc. Clearly defined roles give a fair chunk of responsibility to people and ensure good efficiency and smooth functioning.

Implementation of strategy

Now that people and plan are in place, the next phase to enter is the implementation phase. The team has to be well trained to get the juice out of the application which is being used. Using social media management tools is a skill set which needs to be developed with time.

Review the output and refine accordingly

It is extremely important to track the output of implementation. This is exactly where the Key Performance Indicators will come into picture to be used as references for measuring performance. Things on web change rapidly, especially social media scenario, without proper tracking mechanism all the hard work will go to vain.


Once things are in order and flowing smoothly, it is time to expand horizons. When the social media team is clear about what works and what doesn’t then the business can expand towards more aggressive social media initiatives.

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