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How New 2021 Facebook Ads Features Are More Effective?

Facebook ads have the ability to get high rankings for any business than other social media platforms. Due to its vast reach, lots of brands are performing marketing on Facebook. This year Facebook has made various changes in the ads. This is done to make it easier than before. This year has been no unusual, although the bulk of users were fixed with the forthcoming dislike button, business people have been wanting over new traits to Facebook Ads such as Lead Ads and a renewed Power Editor. 1] Dynamic Ads: Dynamic products have introduced to provide right product to...

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How to Boost Your Sales Productivity On Social Media in 2021?

Generally, productivity means how well a business transforms an input (like materials, human power, capital, and machines) into services and products as output. However, it is not restricted to calculating ratios of inputs and outputs only. Fundamentally, boosting productivity means working smarter than others in the marketing field also. You can look for various opportunities to take your business up to a great level by doing marketing on social media sites about your product or service. You must be wondering how social media is needed to boost your business productivity! No matter what’s your business deals with but there...

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