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How To Make Reels On Instagram Like A Pro-Social Media Manager?

Video content works like wonder. Everyone loves to watch videos more than plain text or photos. Before TikTok was banned in India, It was one of the most popular short video platforms in India and other countries. In 2020 Instagram launched reels as a part of Instagram, and similar to TikTok for creating short 15-30 seconds videos, it became a lot more popular and addictive. Now Reels are such a powerful way to grow your Instagram account in a concise amount of time. In addition, businesses are using reels to showcase their products and services. Instagram is a widely...

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How to Repost on Instagram Like a Ninja?

Almost every big social media platform like Facebook, Twitter has an option to share your favorite creator’s content to your followers but do you think Instagram has the same feature? Instagram is a widely used application among youth, businesses, and even professionals but Instagram reshare means to repost content. Instagram has now been around for more than a decade. From the past few years, its ruling social media and recent feature of reels after TikTok are banned in India Instagram have become one of the most used social media platforms in India and even globally, but it still can...

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Social Media Metrics That You Need to Track Carefully Every Month?

The most important job of a Social Media Manager is to analyze data and read the metrics carefully. A Social Media Manager knows how important it is to measure and track campaign performance and prepare a report to show it to other team members. But the question is, are you paying attention to the right social media metrics and data of the campaign? Hit The Play Button To Listen To The Podcast:   Let’s understand why to look right at social media metrics if you want to grow your company online and generate big leads, as information is...

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03 Ways That Make Social Media Manager More Productive

A Social Media Manager is the person who handles the social media accounts of a company or business. Maybe that person is the owner of the business or the company’s team members. As a responsible social media manager, he will make social media decisions for an organization or firm. He is considered a company’s voice on social and digital media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Pinterest, Company’s website, etc. Social Media Manager is responsible for forming his company’s brand value online. He is the one who drives sales from social media platforms and represents the company....

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