Author: Gaurav Dalvi

Facebook Marketing Facts to Keep in Mind in 2021

With each news cycle, there appears to be another section hyping the downfall of Facebook. But, those constantly involved with Facebook advertising comprehend the ongoing importance of this social networking site. Based on “Simply Measured”, a social networking analytics company, Facebook still possesses 1.35 billion real and active visitors every month—1.12 billion which are active through their smartphones. While times are certainly changing when it comes to promoting social networking content, there is still spotlight on the end of the blue & white Facebook tunnel. Listed here are several data-backed details you shouldn’t overlook within this New Year: Facebook...

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Success Kit on Facebook Marketing: Latest Trends and Insights of 2021

Facebook stills happen to be on top in grabbing the interest of online users. It’s among the most preferred platforms for companies and Brands to publicize themselves. Facebook isn’t just an advertising channel for companies, but also a fruitful communication channel a company and its clients and followers. A recent study titled “Marketing on Facebook – Style 2021” covered the timelines of numerous users & month-on-month variations in 2021, particulars on the social network’s choice to get rid of like-gating function, the benefits of integrating Facebook Login and a summary of custom viewers, lookalike audiences as well as retargeting....

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