Author: Gaurav Dalvi

21 Best Social Media Management Tools to Harness the Power of Social Networking in 2021

Social Networking is one of the best techniques for you and your company to get more traffic and produce new leads. With the help of right social media management tools along with a presence on all leading social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ is a must nowadays for any company or startup. But what type of advertising software, publishing tools and dashboards are the social media experts actually implementing to juggle these multiple social media accounts? In today’s digital world, every online marketer understands the potential of social media channel holds for content marketing. What isn’t...

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The Marketer’s Short Guide to Build an Engaged Following Base on Instagram in 2021

Do you have your profile on Instagram? Would you like to get more user engagement from your Instagram Followers? If you like to drive massive following on Instagram, there’s lot you can do to improve your company’s presence to get more followers, likes and comments. In this post, I’ll share seven strategies for creating an engaged Instagram following. 1: Add clear CTAs (Calls to Action) On Instagram, CTAs (Calls to Action) seems either in the picture itself or even the caption. This amusing image strategy from Brisk has got the like included in the CTA. The organization asks their...

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A Digital Marketing Agency Viewpoint – Dealing with New Clients

The outlook of a new customer could be extremely exciting and essential for any digital marketing company. Though our motives are good, but making a connection with a new client could be a complicated balancing job. You wish to start building the base for that long term relationship, however, you also need to be careful in the early stages that you’ve got the best fit. With small company clients, particularly, there is always some bargaining between the things they require and the things they are able to afford. It’s difficult for companies to define precisely what the needs of...

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Money Talks When It Comes To Marketing in Facebook|2021

Just like you thought you were directing all your efforts in social media marketing, Facebook has made it more challenging for you to target your potential diners. But investing only a few may provide big returns. People are getting unsatisfied that ‘free’ marketing on Facebook doesn’t function anymore. However, most of your friends on Facebook never even saw your posts. Until this past year, about 20% of what you placed on your Facebook-page was seen by them, however now it’s only a portion of that. In 2015 and moving forward, if you really wish yourself to be seen, then...

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