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All About Facebook Header Size + 5 Tips To Create One

An established and well-thought-out Facebook page is an indication of a well-thought-out business plan! Optimize your Facebook page with the correct Facebook header size, display, and other details. Only then will a customer approach you to do business with you, right? Read ahead to learn more! The Facebook header size or the Facebook cover image is like a website’s landing page for customers. If Instagram is more your style, then the header is equivalent to an Instagram bio of your page! Professional marketers know better to use this space to showcase their current offers, top products, and exciting upcoming...

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Making a Flawless Instagram Bio in 2022

Having an alluring Instagram bio might not seem like a big deal when you first sign up on the platform, but it helps you make the best first impression you can when your audience visits your profile. An Instagram bio gives you an avenue to put out the salient features that your audience can expect from you in a few words and is a brilliant companion for your content to show your audience. Think of it as a house that you have recently purchased. Upon buying it, the first thing you would do is deck it with decorations to...

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10 Benefits of Social Media in 2022

Globally, billions of people use social media every day, and that number is growing all the time. An estimated 4.48 billion people use social media in 2021, compared to 970,000 in 2010. We use it in every part of our lives: in our relationships, for entertainment, at work, and in our studies. To put it in context: each minute, thirty million Facebook messages and nearly 350,000 tweets go out by users on the platforms. Twitter or Facebook: make your choice. How many times a day do you visit one of these or one of the many social media websites...

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Facebook Watch: Videos on Facebook

“What is Facebook watch?” you ask as you scroll through this article on your phone. Let us clear it out right away! Read ahead to learn more! As traditional TV became obsolete and streaming services became the new meta, social media platforms initiated a new wave of video hosting platforms. As Instagram came up with IGTV, Facebook came up with its video hosting platform called Facebook Watch. Read ahead to learn more! Facebook videos gain up to 40 billion views per day on their app. Of course, seeing these numbers would make you want to ask yourself – “Why...

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11 Instagram Tips for 2022 that will make you Insta-Famous!

If you are a new photography enthusiast looking to share their pictures with the world or a small business owner, we have the best Instagram tips from around the Internet on one page, right here. From Instagram marketing tips, a drizzle of Instagram-for-Business tips, some more tips for Instagram followers, and tips for how to sell on Instagram, we got you covered! Read ahead to learn more. Instagram has the potential for introducing new customers in 2021 and beyond as new marketing frontiers for small enterprises. As early as July 2019, it ranked 6th with over 1 billion users...

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