Author: Princy Kaur

Why Social Media Metrics Is The Heroic Icon for Your Business?

Learning and examining the marketing metrics remains the constant parameters for the social media professional, not just them. All social media enthusiasts like influencers, marketers, advertisers, businesses, brands, and sometimes even the audience are eagerly stalking to grab the best offering from their loving brand. Social media platforms in recent years have become the battleground for every business and brand to launch crazy strategies to attract audiences and followers to their range. Social media marketing can be a world of confusion of vibes only if you don’t know which and how to track social media metrics. The most crucial...

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Superior Culminating Instagram Metrics To Boost Your Marketing Manoeuvre

If you want to achieve the milestones of Instagram Marketing, there are a few metrics to emphasize. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media marketing platforms. A good grip on the Instagram metrics can conquer the battleground of the engagement as the platform generates more than 4X more engagements and reach than Facebook. However, conquering Instagram marketing is no longer an easy task, and accomplishing the success parameter of a daunting battle. Knowing the exact ups and downs of Instagram is a must when planning the marketing approaches. Foremost, let us see why Instagram is so potent for...

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Curation of Facebook Video Marketing to Expand Business Revenue 

In this modern virtue- socially active era, it’s impossible to resist watching any video content. It’s so addicting to watch Facebook video, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and Snapchat stories. Social media reels and video content are so addicting and engaging that masses, including ourselves, spend most of their escape time watching them through advertisements, reels, and other entertainment content. As compared to others, Facebook video retains its preference position among the audience because everyone loves Facebook. No, we are not saying it is mandatory, but yes, somehow. However, instead of just being an entertainment factor, Facebook video ads and...

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How can Twitter Moments Skyrocket Your Business?

When a spectacular event happens, or something gets the unusual hype, tweets can be too thin to explain the entire story because traditional tweets give us 250 character limits to demonstrate your words. However, to conflict with its feature, Twitter 2015 launched a new gleaming feature called Twitter moments. Twitter moments allow creating collections of notable conversations to convey powerful messages. They have diverse topics, and users can generate on any subject, discussion, and event relevant to your businesses or brands. Moments on Twitter lets users produce and curate the expanded form of the content to tell fascinating stories...

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Twitter Hashtags : How To Search And Analyze It For Better Business Growth?

If you are in the marketing world and hashtags seem to be a standard add-on element to you, then you might be underestimating their endowment to an infinite level. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Besides their inbuilt marketing tools, some metrics are never-ending success camps, and one of them is hashtags.  Each social media platform has distinct metrics and parameters which manipulate the algorithm. Like Twitter hashtags concede 5 or 6 hashtags, supplementing more can make the tweet spam. Likewise, every other social platform has diverse regulations to maintain.  Have you ever seen...

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