Author: Sanchay Sanyal

7 Astonishing Features Regarding New Facebook Search[2021 Update]

Facebook with is over growing numbers of users will have all the possible chance to become a search engine and can give tough fights to big search giants, but the only reason why it is only limited to a social networking platform is because it can search content within its own ambit only. With the latest changes, Facebook is coming into the search engine market. This will help the searchers to find more about the world what is going around in their social networking channels. Search Suggestions Are Now Personalized and More Timely In their latest statement, Facebook guarantees,...

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5 Reasons to Choose Facebook Advertising in 2021

Being in the digital world, the world of new generation its being not too much tough to being abreast of what others were doing in the market. You will not find difficult to find what and which tactics were used by the competitors.  It may be blogging, guerrilla marketing, E-mail marketing. Video creation, SEO or search engine marketing. These are the few most used techniques but with social media platform another one more added to the list of tools is social media marketing. One of the prime social networking platforms is Facebook and it has been used by the...

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How to Improve Your Twitter Engagement Using Retweets in 2021

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms which includes a lot of users. This increasing number on twitter is because of their ever changing features. Twitter is always working on innovative ideas. Due to high viability digital marketing also has a great scope using twitter. This is why digital marketers were using social media platform twitter. Basically shooting tweets isn’t going to essentially decipher into leads and deals, however. The maximum amount of entrepreneurs don’t know how appropriately use Twitter, so this article will help you how to use Twitter effectively to create huge followers. Interchange...

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How A Food Selling Brand Went From Rigs To Riches.

With the time, Instagram becomes a most favorite place for people to share what is going in their life through sharing pictures. People used to post selfies along with their daily amusements. Using this social networking platform Cook’s Food have raised its business to supreme heights. With the growing popularity of Instagram among people, it replaced the place of billboards or the magazines in people life. This thing made it a new mode for marketing or say converted it into a social media marketing tool. By posting the pictures of delicious cuisines straight from the sea definitely diverts the...

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How to Boost Your Twitter Engagement Quickly in 2021

Twitter is one of the popular social networking platform. Twitter comprise millions of users all round the world and this is the reason why Twitter has a wide visibility. Due to this reason digital marketers were preferring this for promoting their business. Using twitter for marketing your business will fetch a huge amount of benefit to your brand. Twitter will be a nice marketing strategy for your business. Here we were going to discuss few simple steps which will be helpful in boosting the user engagement. Interface with Consumers While there are numerous social networking tools to offer you...

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