With the time, Instagram becomes a most favorite place for people to share what is going in their life through sharing pictures. People used to post selfies along with their daily amusements. Using this social networking platform Cook’s Food have raised its business to supreme heights. With the growing popularity of Instagram among people, it replaced the place of billboards or the magazines in people life. This thing made it a new mode for marketing or say converted it into a social media marketing tool. By posting the pictures of delicious cuisines straight from the sea definitely diverts the attention of the food lovers. This is the manner which make Instagram a mode through which Cook’s Food became a multinational food chain serving all over the world.

With using hashtags like #instasale #shopmyproduct and much more along with the pictures of the dishes and the coming product they created a buzz among the people and her theirĀ  attention towards their products. This not only keep alive the interest of the current customers also helps in gaining many prospective customers. This technique will help the Cook’s Food founders to stand out of the crowd.

Putting the right hashtag help them to find target group as there were millions of people were finding the similar kind of things and putting the right hashtag will bring the right product in their eyes. One more thong which is very necessary regarding this a regular post would be done of a regular interval which is a very tough task for such a business who is dealing as such a big prospect, well the certain problem has been solved using the automation tool GramBoardPro which simplify the task of posting the pictures. This tool will help by posting images automatically through out the day.

Just after started using this tool the founder of the company realized a great hike in the number of followers they have, and this thing has been reciprocated on the sales and revenue of the company. After reaching to these leave when asked to the founder regarding their activeness on social media and different social networking sites, they admitted that before this they were not active in such platforms and truly speaking do not rely too much on the digital marketing tactics as they think these all were just a waste of time. But now they admit that the marketing tactics also need to change with the changing time.

Just after opting the GramBoardPro the same month number of Instagram followers were raised by 3000 this simply means the viability of their brand has been reached to more and more people in small time as compared to before. Day by day the number of followers increases, as well as they, give their feedback of the items by looking at the pictures this also help them to increase the level the quality they want. “we also ask for suggestion from our customer” said one of the founder 4 member through this we provide them a personalized service and posting images with the happy customers a creates a feel of trust among other customers.

If they need any sort of suggestion they very easily post an image in Instagram and make it viable through GramBoardPro. In this way, the customers also feel connected to their favorite food brand.

All in all GramBoardPro make a change in the manner of marketing for the Cook’s Food and this change took them from Rigs to Riches giving more than 200 percent rise in the revenue of the company in last few years.