Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most amazing social media of the present day. Even though it is quite new as compared to other social media networks but in very less time it has become quite popular all around the world and you must be surprised to know that the engagement rate on Instagram for business is much more than other gigantic social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.


Every Entrepreneur is striving to have a nice brand presence on Instagram. It is known to all the business community that Instagram marketing can be really beneficial for a certain brand. But there are certain rules and trends that need to be followed in order to get your marketing goals and desires accomplished.

In this article, we bring you the 5 trends that every business person must follow in order to get viral on Instagram in 2016:

1. Using GIFs-


GIFs are in a true sense the most prevailing trend of 2016. There are certain apps such as Boomerang etc. which are steadily growing and will surely be the most prevailing trends for the marketers in the year 2016. with various apps which turn live photos to GIFs, we are expecting creativity with these GIFs and motion pictures.

2. Influencer Marketing-


Most of the expert believe that collaborating with the marketing influencers can help a business immensely. Last Year,many brands opted for influencers and the results were really amazing. So it is believed that Influencers will continue to be one of the most amazing Instagram marketing trends in 2016. In a survey, it was found that out of 20 organizations that used Influencers 18 organizations saw a stiff rise in their traffic and improved brand awareness.

3. Sponsored Ads-


Instagram presenting advertisements for organizations and brands over the globe was one of the best news for the Instagram advertisers a year ago.

Have you had a shot at publicizing on Instagram yet? Exploit interactive “Purchase Now” catches and the Marquee arrangement to enhance your advertising and make it more effective. The objective is to put your promotions on your followers’ Food, and Sponsored Advertisements could simply be the best alternative to accomplish this naturally.

4- Linking To Content-

The capacity to click a connection in an Instagram inscription is a fantasy for some advertisers, and we can dare to dream that Instagram acquires us this component 2016. If not, hope to see more inventiveness from brands and influencers as everybody tries to get their followers to really visit a site from Instagram (besides connecting to their bio). We’re as of now seeing this from Instagram’s “Purchase Now” catches and administrations, for example, As to Know It, which makes your Instagram bolster shoppable.

5. Managing Multiple Instagram Account-

As Instagram is continuously growing and expanding, brands are expected to be more concentrated on the targeted audience. Managing various multiple accounts to get in touch with expanded audience is quite common and brands are expected to do the same in 2016.

One can use software such as SocioBoard that can help one to easily manage the multiple accounts on Instagram. Here is a screenshot that can help you:


Final Words-

Instagram is really a great place to endorse your product but this is only true when you are doing it the right way and in accordance to the latest trends. No one is going to follow you for the same boring and old ways of endorsements. So indulge the above trends in your marketing strategy and add the spice of your own creativity to witness the horizon of marketing on Instagram.

If you have some other ideas, then please share with us and we shall explore the same in the times to come!!!!

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