B2B marketers mostly use LinkedIn for their marketing purpose. For businesses, this is a great platform to generate huge leads and conversions from millions of professionals and graduates. Implementing better strategies will yield better results for the marketers. They should know the things that work for them on LinkedIn.

Here in this article, we are presenting you the best practices that yield marvellous results in generating leads and sales for your business. 

1. Know Your Amiable Prospects in the community:

If you search in a strategic manner, you can get enormous prospects on LinkedIn. This platform is so special when compared to others. So the strategies are different for this network. It gives you a chance to connect to the influencers directly. Reaching the influencers in the community will get you ultimate results that everyone wants. So, to know who are your amiable prospects, you should start your search with a proper plan. Now, let’s have a look at the places where you need to look for the prospects.

See who has viewed your posts:

LinkedIn publisher is a better tool to share your knowledge with the community. There is an option, Who’s viewed your posts?, in the LinkedIn publisher. Clicking on this option, you can get to know the people who were interacting with your posts. You can get the list by likes, shares, and comments.


You can see what they commented on your posts. The people who have interacted with your posts are the like-minded persons. Definitely, they have an opinion on you. So, don’t think to send them an invitation link personally.


When linkedin members impressed with your content and want to get notifications about you, they start following you. So, it is a better practice to send them personal connection requests. But remember one thing. Whenever you send a request to anyone, be prepared with a reason why you are sending them the connection request.



On the Updates page, you can see all your activities on linkedin. You can see the content that you were interacted with and you posted on. Just check whether you connected to the authors of the content you interacted with. By hovering the cursor over the name of the author, you can see their profile and whether they are you connection. If they are not your connection, send them an invitation with the reference of the post.md-linkedin-update-view-user-info-min

Who has viewed your profile:

LinkedIn gives a great chance to know who have viewed your profile. For a free account, you can see the last five profile visitors. And for a premium account, you can see the entire list of the profile visitors for the past 90 days.

So, find if there are anyone who would be your prospect. Send them a connection request. And again remember to mention a reason why you are sending them the request.


These are the place on LinkedIn where you can find your prospects. After you making connections, the next part is to build trust.

2. Build Trust:

Building good relations with others is the primary element for the success of any business. Even on LinkedIn, you have to build trust with your connections and maintain good relations with them. There are some practices that show you as a good user in the community.

Comment and share:

If you find a good content, comment on it or share it with others. This will make your profile visible to the person who’s posted on the content. Thus, you can connect to them and make a relation with them. If you post any content, try to tag some of your connections who the content is helpful for. With these practices, you will be active in the community and can make good relations with your prospects.


Make introductions:

Helping others is the admirable thing in a person. So, be helpful to your connections. If you think connecting two of your connections would be advantageous, then introduce them to each other and play a role in making a good relation between them. Thus, you will be the well-wisher of the two. Thus, you will be in the radar of your connections.

Share useful content:

On LinkedIn or any other social media network, you should be active. This means, you have to share content regularly and respond to others content. When making content, you should maintain quality. You need not post daily. Take your time and post twice or thrice a week. But, the content should be useful for someone, if not all.

And there is a chance of promoting your business on linkedin. You can share the updates of your business as well. But, don’t try to make marketing on LinkedIn. Just give the updates and share useful content like the technologies you use, the work atmosphere at your business, the recent trends in your industry etc.

3 Build Authority Status

You have to showcase yourself as an expert in your respective industry. This is called authority. With building authority, you would get:

  • Increase in the demand for your services
  • Increased trust with your prospects
  • Chance to increase the service fee

The only secret in building authority is helping others. Use the LinkedIn publisher to post useful content. You can have a chance to reach more number of audience and build your authority. The last three posts of you are visible on your profile. So when someone visits your profile, they can get to know your command over the industry or technology and would like to make a connection with you.


Your first connections get notifications whenever you publish some content. If they like, share or comment on the post, their first connections could see that. So, your visibility increased. Thus, you can reach more number of audience.

You can get ideas for your content from your competitors. Just observe what kind of content they are posting and what works for them. Plan a strategy for yourself and implement.

4. Use strategic alliances to expand your reach

On LinkedIn, you can build great partnerships. You can make incredible partnerships as the partner would come with great skillset and full of connections. Let me give you an example on building partnerships. You know a person who wants to learn a new course which you are not much familiar with. But you know some other person who offers the course. Then, you can make a partnership with the later one to promote the course on your network. Thus you can help both the  persons. Besides, you can get a percentage in the sale of the course.

On the other hand, your authority will be increased as you are promoting something useful for your community. Thus, you can make alliances with people and expand your reach. You can get better connections and make better outcomes.


LinkedIn is the place where millions of professionals get connected and share information. LinkedIn is a knowledge hub. So, follow the above tips and share your knowledge with your the world. When you show a solution to others problems with your content, your influence increases. Your network expands and you can reach more number of prospects for your business. Once you got a better network and connections, it is very easy to promote your business on LinkedIn.

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