Author: Abhishek Kumar

Should You Create A Facebook Business Page: 4 Reasons You Should

It won’t be an exaggeration if we label Facebook the social media behemoth. With a quarter of the whole world’s population engaged on this social network, your company is guaranteed to discover a big portion of its audience ready to promote to. All you have to do is start expanding your Facebook followers and providing content that pushes your audience to take action and become customers. A Facebook business page is a powerful tool to spread awareness about your products, services and brand.  Hit The Play Button To Listen:   It enables your business with the opportunity to...

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How To Create A Solid Content Marketing Strategy: 09 Ways To Boost SEO

We live in a world where separating noise from information is increasingly challenging. Brands are creating more content than in the past, and consumers can absorb information through various devices and channels. As marketers, it is our responsibility to ensure that content adds value to both the brand and the consumer. Consider content marketing to be the baton in a marketing relay race. All marketing operations that focus on generating and disseminating information are included in content marketing. Although content marketing has existed before the internet, the internet has allowed it to shine and take control of most other...

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Twitter Post Schedule: The Perfect Time For Scheduling Tweets

If you were to write a book of all the Tweets in a day, it might cover a 10 million-page book. There are more than 326 million people who use Twitter and send over 500 million tweets a day. Twitter is the top used social media platform for Government officials and world leaders. And this is why Twitter post schedule matters so much. Twitter is the place where trends start. It all has to happen with the timing of a post. There is no doubt that Twitter is a great way to engage with customers and spread awareness. But...

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Instagram Post Size 101: Size Does Matter!

Do you ever wonder why posted photos on Instagram do not look as good as the original picture you intended to post? It happens because of the Instagram post size and dimensions.  Instagram is very skeptical about its size for Instagram post. If you post photos that are not as standard Instagram post size, Instagram will crop them to its recorded aspect ratio. In the process, the quality of the image and a huge chunk of the content get deleted. Unlike Facebook, where you can post any size of an image and enlarge it to witness its beauty. Instagram...

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