Author: Juhi Shrivastava

Understanding Absolute Power of Social Media Automation for Ultimate Community Engagement [2021 Guide]

Are You a Robot? We have heard a lot of talks lately about the risks of automation in social media. Many people seem to believe that automating tweets or posts work against social media best practices. In particular, genuine communication. It is believed that the key to assessing this is in knowing the objective of your social media activities. In addition, the role that your social accounts are playing for the community they serve. Manpower is a huge issue in this as well. Do you have a community manager who is dedicated to only running social media, or do...

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How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts Without Losing your Mind in 2021?

 Today social media and its management can take a toll on you sometimes. What if you have to switch into each one of your social media accounts for creating post, publishing content, engaging with followers and being active on social media conversations? The truth is— keeping up-to-date on all your social networking accounts is not a simple task. It can be very much tedious and at times frustrating especially when you get tensed about whether you’ve covered all your social media accounts or not, whether you’ve created and published sufficient quality content to let your accounts active and most...

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6 Paces to Craft a Winning Strategy for Your Brand on Instagram in 2021

With the ever-increasing presence of Social Media in today’s society, it is now usually accepted that every business irrespective of their niche/industry must have an effective, well-planned social media marketing strategies to deliver them with a precise position on the different social media sites and networks. Instagram is a great place to make a name for your brand, and while several types of businesses may find it a lot easier to obtain a good following than others, it’s definitely not a social network you should rule out. For helping the brands to make the most of the world’s top...

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SocioBoard: Easy Social Media Management for Your Organization in 2021 & beyond

Nowadays, social media has turned out to be one of the key focus of marketing and advertising for businesses. Social media is a brilliant, powerful tool to build a community for your offered product or services, reach out to more target audience and market, know the need of your customers and market and listen what people are talking about your brand. It’s quite clear that social media is effective, but measuring ROI can be quite challenging. Here at SocioBoard, we often listen from many businesses that the reason behind their absence on social media is because of the fact...

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LinkedIn Marketing: How to Build a Network of Quality Contacts in 2021?

You already have a Linkedin profile and now you want to grow your network of contacts? First, remember that increasing the number of connections will not increase in direct proportion to the quality of your network. It goes like this, the more selective you’re, the more valuable it will be. Why should you build a quality network on Linkedin? Linkedin is the sole popular Social Network for professional excellence, which allows companies,  professionals, job seekers and even recent college graduates to expose you and get in touch with professionals and experts in your industry, helping to attract the attention...

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