You already have a Linkedin profile and now you want to grow your network of contacts?

First, remember that increasing the number of connections will not increase in direct proportion to the quality of your network. It goes like this, the more selective you’re, the more valuable it will be.

Why should you build a quality network on Linkedin?


Linkedin is the sole popular Social Network for professional excellence, which allows companies,  professionals, job seekers and even recent college graduates to expose you and get in touch with professionals and experts in your industry, helping to attract the attention of potential customers. Of course, to make this happen, we must not think of Linkedin as a curriculum vitae in a modern way, where only enter personal information because it would be very productive.

Here you’ll see 5 ways to cultivate a  quality network of contacts on Linkedin.

1- Log on to your email contacts

The Social Network you can expand your network by adding directly contacts from your personal directory of the major email platforms (eg Google, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.), through a simple procedure Import Wizard.

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In this way, also to get in touch with real figures and so value, Linkedin to give further information about the type of people that interest you and with whom you have official contacts, allowing them to identify people who meet these standards and suggestions through the “People You May Know”.

2- Accept invitations discreetly

On LinkedIn, you don’t think in terms of friendship as it does on other social networks.


Here to get in contact with other people must demonstrate to know them really. Be selective in accepting invitations, because that will put you in a position to control better the composition and quality of your network. A good method may be to determine in advance the criteria and parameters on which to accept or reject Linkedin requests: Do the person who sent me the LinkedIn invitation has a photo on his profile? Is he or she a stranger? Weigh carefully every request, to grow the value of your network.

3- Make use of your network


Your network is an excellent resource and opportunity to try new contacts. Think about the connections that are created on Linkedin between people working for a particular company, share the same interests, follow the influencers of the industry reference, live or work in the same city, etc. Identify your connection group and dug in it to take advantage of every opportunity; Look, for example, the network of people online, to identify those that best meet your requirements.

4- Use Linkedin groups


The LinkedIn Groups are a great source for finding new connections. You are looking for the thematic group that is closest to your interests and discuss the threads activated by other members, start conversations and get to grips with other professionals, to show your competence in the field of reference. You can  use LinkedIn marketing software such as InBoardPro to actively engage with the customers and target audience.

Note: Do not use these groups for auto promotion or to sponsor your business!

5- Use the advanced search

Identified highly relevant connections, using the “advanced search” tool through keywords (for example, the professional role), place, business, school and more. Among the search results, you will see how many connections you have in common with each person listed, with the opportunity to see their profile.

In conclusion, we can say that most will be profiled your Linkedin network, you can reap more benefits.

For this, you must always keep it updated, sometimes even eliminating the contacts that are no longer in line with your needs. A network of connections well profiled and smart will get you valuable leads, opening the door to new opportunities for professionals and businesses.