Author: Juhi Shrivastava

5 New Ways Instagram Can Help Your Business in 2021

Instagram is basically a social networking platform and a great marketing tool that must be a key part of your advertising toolkit. Why this tool is exclusive is that it focuses on the use of pics and picture captions only. People could quickly post photos adding captions in it directly from their smartphone to share with their Instagram followers. Listed here are some of the most truly effective strategies to employ Instagram to market your company and interact with your prospect customers. There are many online as well as offline retailers who are actively using Instagram to market their...

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Leverage the Power of Knowing Your Customers [2021 Edition]

Have you ever wondered why businesses with great products have difficulty selling? Well, the answer is simple — there is no strong connection between these businesses and their customers. This problem highlights the need for a transition from standard methods of gathering data to a more interactive process. And since, more and more consumers are taking to the web to purchase, review and compare products, a business must not only make that transition but also leverage important information found there. In short, they must have a 360 view of their customers in order to hit their goals and dominate...

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Emerging Trends in Social Media and Why They Matter |2021

Social media operates differently than any other type of media in the world. Not only is its function different, but what drives social media is also differently. “Social media,” as it stands, isn’t anything tangible per se. It’s a collection of platforms where people meet and mingle and take actions. The popularity of social media is driven entirely by trends. Without these trends to follow, social networks would blend in with other websites out there. Over the course of the past few years, we have seen quite a few trends come along. Some of these trends have been around...

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Take On: Networking on LinkedIn in 2021

Let’s face it – social media is useful. We might grunt and roll out eyes at our addiction to the various networks, but there’s a reason we log on to them so frequently. There’s a lot of useless information being spread through social networks. Heck, there are even nonsense myths and lies being shared through social media, but as long as you know how to use them properly and intelligently – they can be incredibly helpful. LinkedIn is what some people call the “professional Facebook.” Using LinkedIn to network yourself can help you find your dream job, increase your...

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Facebook Ad Tips to Make Your Audience Click It in 2021

In the mid of 2015, Facebook ad spending increased by 247%. We’re not surprised. Facebook offers an amazing platform for companies to advertise on with features that other major pay-per-click platforms don’t have such as the ability to use images and micro-target your audience. Despite its enormous success, Facebook advertising is still relatively new. This can make some companies fell nervous and act conservatively when it comes to marketing decisions. However, the more risks you take and the more outgoing you are with your Facebook ad strategy, the more successful you will be. Here are a few Facebook ad...

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