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Why Brands are Using Custom URL Shorteners on Social Media in 2021?

You might have observed some brands using shortened links on their social media posts. Have you ever thought why they are using such links? Want to know what’s the advantage of such URLs? Then you must read this article to know the reasons behind it. Let’s go: Brand shortened links: You know that there are some services like, and that offer shortened URLs. On social media, we have to optimize the real estate of the post. Our content should be as less as possible. For example, consider Twitter. There is a limit of 140 characters for...

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How Twitter Instant Unlock Card Helps in Driving Brand Conversation in 2021?

The microblogging network, Twitter, has launched another advertising feature for its marketers. Earlier this year, it launched Conversational Ads where advertisers can include call-to-action buttons. And many brands have seen pretty much improvement in their consumer engagement with the ads. Now, twitter has taken a step forward and introduced Instant Unlock Card as an extension to the conversational ads. And twitter has made a development that during the Beta test of the feature, many brands has seen amazing results in their media rate. Seems interesting, right? So, here we are letting you know how this feature works. Take a...

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