The microblogging network, Twitter, has launched another advertising feature for its marketers. Earlier this year, it launched Conversational Ads where advertisers can include call-to-action buttons. And many brands have seen pretty much improvement in their consumer engagement with the ads.

Now, twitter has taken a step forward and introduced Instant Unlock Card as an extension to the conversational ads. And twitter has made a development that during the Beta test of the feature, many brands has seen amazing results in their media rate.

Seems interesting, right? So, here we are letting you know how this feature works. Take a look.

Instant Unlock Card:

In the Conversational Ads feature, twitter has allowed its users to post ads with a call-to-action button on it. We all know the importance of a CTA button in digital marketing. CTAs are very active in driving traffic to your landing page. This feature has driven more engagement for the brands.

You might have observed that many facebook pages entice their readers with suspensive headlines and make them visit the landing page. This is really a good tactic in driving traffic to the website. The same can happen now on twitter too. Yes, Twitter Unlock Card is all about driving traffic and creating engagement for businesses on twitter.

How it works?

Just think yourself as a common reader. You must be interested in some funny content like jokes, political issues or interviews of celebrities. If you find a clickbait offering such content, you would definitely be clicking on that link, wouldn’t you?

Now, apply the same on your targeted users. All marketers need to do is just making some enticing content for leveraging this feature. Just offer your targeted users such funny content on your sponsored post. Give a call-to-action to tweet something with a trendy hashtag of yours to get access to the exclusive content.

That’s it. There would be great traffic to your website in no time. Because it is proven in the beta testing conducted by twitter on the feature. Here I’m presenting the views of such businesses who tasted exciting results.

Hashtags are so nice for businesses. While making twitter campaigns, hashtags play a key role in making that campaign popular. With this, we can say that unlock cards on twitter help the businesses in making successful campaigns as they promote your hashtags. And no need to tell  separately about the results of a successful campaign for a business.

Beta test results of Unlock Cards:

During the beta test, several brands and businesses used the unlock cards feature for their promotions. On an average, those businesses earned a 34% media rate for their twitter promotions. In other words, they earned 34 impressions for every 100 paid impressions.

And along with the unlock cards, twitter has also announced advanced analytics tool on its advertising platform. So, marketers can easily measure their marketing success on twitter with the analytics tool.

AMC using Twitter unlock card

Just for example, check The Walking Dead_AMC (@WalkingDead_AMC)’s unlock card. They are offering an exciting video for their targeted users for just making a tweet with the hashtag #TWDSDCC. And we can see the response from their followers too. It is massive, isn’t it?

In the words of AMC’s VP of Marketing, Suzanne Park, about Twitter Unlock Cards: In a crowded environment, this powerful new feature helped us give fans at Comic-Con and beyond what they were hungry for – more of ‘The Walking Dead.


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