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What Are The Design Choices You Should Consider For Your Website In 2021?

Your website is the brochure of your business. It guides your audiences. It helps them in knowing more about your products/ services and making a decision. Well, it is not just the deal with the content but also with the design. The design of your website decides the ranking of the website. Remember, Google gives quality score to every page to decide its position. So while choosing the design of your website, there are too many options appear to you. But you have to select the right one, as per the requirement. To help you with this aspect, this...

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5 Most Preferred Skills Of A Social Media Manager In 2021

Apparently, the demand is so high for skillful social media managers. According to the new trends and ever changing user behavior, what skills should your social manager have in 2017? Social media management is the best profession that social media managers can have a great fun with social media for all the day. Really? Yes, it is. But, only if you gain the results that you wish for. If you ask me, I would say that it is one of the most challenging professions. Many challenges precede the usual fun. The digital marketing industry goes bigger at a rapid...

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3 Prime Reasons You should Follow Social Selling In 2021

What Social Selling is actually about!? This might be the first question arose in your mind. As the term ‘selling’ indicates, it is about selling your products or services to your customers. But, wait! It is not same as the traditional sales practices. Not at all. Look at the term ‘social’ before ‘selling’. Combined, the name refers to the process of selling your products or service through the social media platforms. So, you can get rid of cold calling your customers, playing tricks and any other irksome old-school trick. Social Selling Social selling is the art of using social...

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These Two Major Investments Should Be Included In Your Marketing Budget In 2021

Hello, marketers, hope you were successful with your social media marketing in 2016. You might have prepared all your end-of-the-year analysis reports and heading towards planning marketing budget for 2017. I suppose you are doing a research on the trends that are cooking in the marketing industry and testing the things that would work for your business. In order to make your work faster, here I’m sharing some hot trends of Digital Marketing that worked so good for many businesses in 2016 and will work great for your business too in 2017. You should consider these two elements and...

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How To Win Online Marketing With Retargeting Your Bounced Audience In 2021?

Many online marketers fail just because they are not retargeting the bounced audience properly. You might be the one among them. If so, here I’m giving you the tips that you can make a perfect retargeting that increases your ROI. But before starting the key concept, here I’m letting you know the importance of Retargeting your bounced audience. Why is Retargeting Important? To understand the importance of Retargeting, you need to ask one question to yourself: Does everyone who visits your website for the first time convert? As per a study by, just 2% of the people who...

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