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5 Best Practices to Follow on Social Media Advertising

Social media is free for use, but social media advertising is not. People love to take a look at their newsfeed every now and then but not to watch the irritating ads. Though you pay the social network to show your ads, they want their users disappointed with their newsfeed. So you will be the loser if you don’t take care of your social media advertising. You may think that something smaller will be ignored by your audience and they don’t mind any such smaller mistakes. But people are a kind of exhausted with the abundance of ads on...

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New Features on Instagram & Pinterest for Better Marketing

Hello, readers! Like everytime, I’m here with the latest features on social media for marketing. And this time, let me share what you want to know about the newly launched Shopping on Instagram and One-tap, Video and App pins on Pinterest. New Shopping Features on Instagram Usually, marketers advertise their products on Instagram. Instagrammers see the ads while having dinner and want to know more about them. But later they forget about it. This is what happens and not giving better results for marketers. Instagram has thought of a solution and in the next week itself, it is about...

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How to Integrate Videos with Your SMM Sales Funnel?

Video content is growing on the social media. People are consuming more video content everyday. As per Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, 80% of the internet traffic is video only. So, using video content in your social media sales funnel is a mandatory now. Here, we are with a step-by-step guide on integrating video content with your social media marketing sales funnel. 1. Create a Compelling Sales Video We all know that video is eating the social media. Just observe your behavior itself, you must be watching videos on social media more than what you used to. And I’m no...

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3 Aspects That Show the Dichotomy of B2B and B2C Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has evolved as the one of the key aspects of digital marketing. Ever since Facebook launched its Ads feature, marketers have found a new way to market their products or services. Till date, there are so many active social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and the list goes on. Though the functions of these networks are different, their objective is common ー ‘Connecting the World.’ Finally, social media has become one of the biggest platforms to market a business. If you observe any social site, ads of different businesses appear on the wall. And...

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LinkedIn Introduces Native Conversion Tracking

In the present day’s traditional marketing, social media is getting integrated into a great level. Plenty of social platforms are creating a lot of opportunities for marketing your services and products to the global users. For we are investing a considerable amount of money and resources for social media marketing, we need to measure the returns on the investment. we have to measure KPIs like engagement and conversions In social media marketing.  So far, popular social networking sites like facebook and twitter have launched their own analytics tools that help the marketers in measuring the conversions. And now the...

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