Author: Shadab Hussain

Mobile Strategy of LinkedIn You Should Know in 2021

LinkedIn is unbundling at a high rate as it touches its “mobile moment” this year when beyond half of its million of users access the website via their personal gadgets. The company has announced different mobile apps for particular use cases — apparently throwing all at the wall to notice what sticks. But this is not an attempt to cook any tasty meal; it’s similar to family planning as seen by LinkedIn. Its family of apps reaches to 6. As per what Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s mobile product team head, they have placed mobile as the basis of innovation for...

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10 Aspects to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business in 2021

In early Nov 2021, Twitter had above 232 million monthly users, out of them 53 million was of United States. That enhances Twitter a potentially prevailing marketing tool — if one have right idea to use it. So how can you influence the 140-character popular social media site to get more visitors to your website or business? Dozens of Twitter experts, business leaders and marketing pros who are already using Twitter to market their products, services and brands share their best 14 tips for the right ways to successfully market a business on Twitter — or use Twitter like...

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