In early Nov 2013, Twitter had above 232 million monthly users, out of them 53 million was of United States. That enhances Twitter a potentially prevailing marketing tool — if one have right idea to use it.

So how can you influence the 140-character popular social media site to get more visitors to your website or business? Dozens of Twitter experts, business leaders and marketing pros who are already using Twitter to market their products, services and brands share their best 14 tips for the right ways to successfully market a business on Twitter — or use Twitter like a marketing tool.

Optimize Twitter bio

As per the words of Jon Ferrera, Nimble’s CEO, a social CRM provider. ‘One need to make sure company identity and voice are branded in a right way’.

Find out who the experts and influencers are in one’s target area(s) and relate with them regularly.

As per the words of Shanelle Mullin, “One need to make a list of the 100 highly influential persons in your space — thought leaders, journalists, big-name writers and bloggers, potential customers/ clients,  potential partners etc.”

Get colleagues involved

As per the words of Amanda Cohen, ‘The first persons to help build a brand must come internally. You must have twitter following of your co-workers and tweeting, engaging, retweeting etc.’

Tweet regularly

As per Sandra Fathi’s words, if you want to make your file active and healthy then regular tweeting is necessary. If a user tweets once a month or week, you are not making up to it. Worse, people may forget you.

Do not hesitate for some Twitter love

It is best you ask followers to retweet, favorite or mention your tweets — or use a fresh tweet to share content.

Track mentions as well as respond if suitable

‘Track brand keywords and mentions to make sure you know what the status of your account is,’ as per the words of Vikram Bhaskaran. Ginger Geoffery also encourages people to set up their Twitter searches as per terms related to a specific brand.


Mark Rushworth says to not be scared to retweet as this might help connect you with and stick your own thought governance within your firm.

Favorite tweets

Many people do not have much idea about favoriting tweets, but it helps one to get someone’s attention effective than a mention or retweet as per Amy Marshall.

Follow hashtags/ trends

Look for hashtags and trending topics as well as find an approach to make a relevant brand connection as per the words of Crystal Cantabrana that offers solutions of social marketing. ‘By putting your trade among the topics those are in trends, your handle might be seen when persons search tweets considering that particular hashtag.’

Offer special deals or discounts to twitter followers

Marshall suggests “Run Twitter contests like: ‘ People will receive coupon for 40 percent off that retweet me’ or have person post their own pictures in the store or with a product and do a casual drawing.

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