LinkedIn is unbundling at a high rate as it touches its “mobile moment” this year when beyond half of its million of users access the website via their personal gadgets. The company has announced different mobile apps for particular use cases — apparently throwing all at the wall to notice what sticks.

But this is not an attempt to cook any tasty meal; it’s similar to family planning as seen by LinkedIn. Its family of apps reaches to 6.

As per what Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s mobile product team head, they have placed mobile as the basis of innovation for LinkedIn. From the last 3 years they have been developing as well as releasing new involvements from scratch.

When Cohen first linked with LinkedIn almost 3 years before, less than one other than five users was using the site with the help of mobile devices. The quickly come near to inflection point with gadgets like mobile has been pushed by two popular trends, as per his words. Professionals from different areas and industry are demanding for rich experiences of mobile on LinkedIn and some of those users are using LinkedIn on mobile devices daily, as per Cohen.

Fulfilling a Simple Wish

Cohen also expresses, why do they need to modernize fast on mobile, why the use of mobile is changing with time? It’s only because the audiences and their demand are changing, the business is changing… they are literally, in a specific way, trying to catch up as well as innovate for such industry. When one is trying to match the value of the experience of desktop into mobile it is actually very tough to do in a simple mobile app. They are not limiting themselves to just a single app. They strongly believe in making intuitive easy experiences… They believe that each mobile experience must fulfill every simple wish.

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A Family of 6 and Counting

The Connected app, released on July, is an “experience of high-touch” that helps users to nurture as well as expand their network, as per the words of Cohen. LinkedIn’s app of Job Search, released June, is the first separate app focused on helping its members search, research as well as go for careers in a more subtle medium. Cohen also express many people are joining LinkedIn to think in terms of their next career move, defining the app like “rich, intuitive, simple way for one to find a dream job. The app of Jobs Search is a clear move for LinkedIn to attain, considering nearly 60 percent of its complete revenue was resulting from job postings as well as other talent options in the last quarter.

LinkedIn is not targeting a particular number of distinct apps highly as it is inferring specific uses cases that might be improved on a separate basis, as per the words of Cohen. He adds it’s actually one LinkedIn ecosystem. “They are like experiences that are more flow and holistic” from one application to another.