Have you started making strategies for your digital marketing in 2016?

Want to get more effective results than usual?

It is sad that only 9% of the marketers are believing that their digital marketing is working for them. But if you see the surveys, the marketing has changed rapidly in the past two years than the past 50 years. Here in this article, we are presenting you 6 ways to make strategies and boost up your online marketing in 2016.

#1 Make your website Mobile-Friendly:


You know that for every second, 9 new mobile users are added. Now, mobile phones are not future. They are already influencing the entire marketing. As per the surveys, 87% of the internet users are having smartphones. Even, Google has started favoring the websites that are mobile-friendly. You can analyze whether your website is mobile-friendly or not by using the google webmaster tool. You will get the feedback to improve the mobile experience of your website if it isn’t mobile-friendly.


Next, make sure you’re using an email service provider which is mobile-friendly. If your newsletter isn’t a mobile-friendly one, you may lose your reader count by 69%.

#2 Use Digital Ads:

In 2016, social media ads will account for 47.9% of the total ad spending. This is the first time that display ads will eclipse search ads. The reason behind this is that social media networks were adopted in a huge range. On an average, a user has 3 social media accounts. And spends 100 minutes browsing social media everyday.


On the other hand, the SM advertising can be cheaper than Google AdWords. You use them to reach maximum users, generate leads and engage with your audience. If you have a long sales funnel, then social media ads are a better bet than search.

#3 Use Video Content:

Social users love to watch videos as they’re entertaining and easily understandable. They can improve the conversions significantly. As per the stats, 80% of the internet traffic will be from videos only, by 2019.


There was a rapid growth in the video consumption on the mobile. Since 2012, the growth is 40%. On the social media, everyday 8 to 6 billion video views are recorded. So, you can find a great opportunity to create engagement with your audience on the social media.

#4 Use Facebook Ads for your Brand:

Using the Facebook Ads, you can create a great organic reach which can yield you a massive ROI. As per the surveys, now, three million marketers and advertisers are using the Facebook ads to reach their targeted users.


The thing is, Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active users in its community. And, it provides very advanced and sophisticated advertising technologies that can make you reach 1500 user data points.


This is the right place where everyone can find a great opportunity that worth their talent. Just by spending a few hundred dollars, you can make a thousand dollar business.

#5 Give quick responses to the Comments:

Maintaining good relations with users is a very important thing in business. Speaking with the client in the wake of offering your item is a basic part of client service. Be that as it may, with one and only a message being replied by brands in less than 72 hours, they are neglecting to satisfy their obligation of drawing in with their clients.


Don’t be one of those Us companies which lose $40 bn. every year. Giving quick response to the comments from your users will build trust and strong relations between you people.


#6 Use Blogging:

Keep a blog on your website which can get more indexed pages, user relations and drives more traffic to your website. Moreover, the cost for the content marketing is three times less than that of the traditional marketing.


As per the studies, marketers who are using blogging for their brand, enjoying an ROI of 13 times more than the usual. The knowledge shared through the blogs can give you a great domain authority for your brand.


Getting a great ROI is the ultimate aim of any business. For that, you should keep efforts to reach the prospect users and make conversions. The traditional marketing methods are not at all fruitful now.On the other hand, you can better result by leveraging the social media, that too, in a lesser investment. So, if you follow the above mentioned steps on the social media, you can end up with tremendous ROI and popularity.

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