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A Complete Guide On How Facebook Live Video Is Important For Business Marketers

Have you tried Facebook Live video broadcasting? Want to know what it means for your business? To discover how to use Facebook Live, let us study the interview of Mari Smith. In an interview Mari Smith, the world’s leading Facebook marketing expert shares her thoughts on Facebook Live Video. She co-authored Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day and is an author of The New Relationship Marketing. Mari has also teamed up with Facebook to assist in educational events. Mari will explore Facebook Live, how it works, what it means for marketers, and much more. You’ll discover tips to set up your Facebook...

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4 Smart Strategies To Protect Your Site From Negative SEO

In this world of heavy competitions, competitors try various strategies to pull their opponent down. One such strategy is by bombarding their rival’s site with links that lead to spams so that the site gets punished by Google. People often get excited by seeing a huge spike in the links on their website but after they have a tight look towards it, they confirm their trouble. The term of bombarding spam links to your site is generally termed as Negative SEO. It is very important for any website to figure this out and exempts them from being getting spammed....

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Social Media Facts and Statistics that You Should Know

Social media marketing is a magnificent way for branding. By using it as one of the brand tools social media marketing services can place your brand effectively among targeted clients and audience. You can achieve your business goals easily by using the social media statistics. These statistics help you to paradigm how well you are performing when to compare to other online marketers and also these stats can guide you in proper time management. How does the social web look like in 2015? As per the recent survey, there are – More than 3.5 billion active internet users. More...

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How to Create Social Media Images That Connect With Your Audience?

Are you sharing fascinating pictures and images across social media networks? Do you want to get more traffic and engagement? So start creating images to increase your engagement on social media. If you’re not sharing images regularly and consistently with your audience, then you are surely missing out on a mass of engagement. So here you will come across the essential elements of shared images that will help you to get more engagement and also drive mass traffic to your website. How can you create images to gain engagement on social media? People are much interested in engaging with...

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