In this world of heavy competitions, competitors try various strategies to pull their opponent down. One such strategy is by bombarding their rival’s site with links that lead to spams so that the site gets punished by Google.

People often get excited by seeing a huge spike in the links on their website but after they have a tight look towards it, they confirm their trouble.

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The term of bombarding spam links to your site is generally termed as Negative SEO. It is very important for any website to figure this out and exempts them from being getting spammed.

The first thing that one has to figure out is whether there is a risk of negative SEO to their site or not. A site has to be bombarded with lots of spam links in order to undergo negative so. A site that has a good number of healthy links has least chance to face negative seo.

I got some great news for people who get assaulted. It can cost you weeks or even months of lost income. Still you can quite recuperate from this negative seo.

Here are 4 steps to be followed in order to get exempted from negative seo-

Step #1 – Automatize your information upgrades-

The main thing you have to do is get standard redesigns about your site’s safety.

To do that, signin to your Google website admin devices account and visit preferences. Next, ensure that “Enable Email Notification” box is clicked:


Here you can pick particular issues to be notified, but it’s best to choose the sort to “all issues.”

You’ll promptly get informed if there are any indications of unfairness such as having malware on your site or getting hacked.

Next, get email upgrades about new links: The more you hold up to witness a negative SEO assault, the more probable it is to be effective.


If you get an everyday email that gives you a brisk outline about new links indicating your site, it will be clear when somebody spams your site.

Step #2 – Keep a constant look at your Best backlinks

There’s one more kind of negative SEO that you should know about in spite of the fact that it’s far less possible than the ones I specified previously.

Somebody doing negative SEO will make another email similar to yours and afterward email sites that links to you requesting that they bring down the link to your site.


This is plainly deceptive, however, a few individuals don’t care.

As you can’t keep a check on each and every link, but you can track the best links at your site.

You can locate your top ones with the help of any backlink database apparatus. This will raise a rundown of connections to your site, sorted by URL rank as a matter of course.

Step #3 – Track and report false surveys and Mention-

This step can be applicable to any website.

Numerous sites get links from various top notch review site. The links usually get lots of weight as these review sites have great impression before search engines.


A spammer can put a bad comment on these review sites. This can hamper your search engine ranking and forward a bad impression in front of audiences.

You have to monitor these review site and mention if any such spamming activity is going on. Spotting these spamming activity is easy as you will be knowing your genuine customers. This can help you from getting assaulted from negative seo. This kind of negative seo is usually seen in the local businesses where the audiences are limited.

Step #4 – Repudiate awful connections-

The last step is a final resort.

In principle, the best arrangement is to simply not make any rivals, but rather even that doesn’t generally work.

In the end, you might be confronted with that immense spike of spammy link that undermine to demolish your Google rankings.

You have to ensure that Google doesn’t take into account those links when the calculation is choosing where to rank your pages.


It’s an apparatus that can be hazardous on the grounds that it can really hurt your rankings if utilized inaccurately:

If you disavow a link that was really offering one of your pages some assistance with ranking admirably, that page now has one less great links.

This means you should be cautious, and I’ll demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to do only that.

If you have an Ahrefs account with a standard arrangement or higher, you have entry to a deny highlight.

In the link reports, you’ll see a choice to deny a URL or space by clicking a connection


Anytime, you can go to your “deny links” and fare a record that could be transferred into the repudiate instrument.

This will spare you time over the period since you don’t have to stress over following old links that you’ve denied, however, it’s not required either if your account doesn’t bolster it.

Final Word-

Negative Seo is really a terrible act used for businesses But people still use it. So be smart and alert from these spammy businesses and don’t allow them to hamper your web rankings.

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