Author: Anam Khan

Important Bits Of Information: World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019

Machines will overtake humans with Artificial Intelligence within the next 100 years. And when that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours- a brilliant quote given by Stephen Hawking.   Well, there are numerous theories, concepts, and perspectives people have about Artificial Intelligence. Some have good things to say, while some are not very optimistic towards the constantly growing impact of AI on human society.  New updates and trends regarding Artificial Intelligence have become a daily dose of information for people all across the world. However, the debate held during the world artificial intelligence...

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Application Programming Interface: The Evergreen Integrated Element For The E-commerce World

Since the period when e-commerce comes into existence, it has seen unstoppable progress. As a result of which, now, we can shop anything online ranging from electronic gadgets to even foodstuff. How bizarre is that? We have come so far. In the initial days of this e-commerce revolution, there were no individual platforms for making transaction other than depending on e-commerce websites. But, today, we have a bunch of online digital transaction platforms, e-wallets. Earlier, we did need a desktop and a specific seller’s website to make a purchase.  All these e-commerce advancements have become possible because of the...

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