Author: Ankur Chowdhury

5 Top-Secret LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business in 2021

LinkedIn is not only for experts and people looking for work. Certain, an incredible number of experts utilize LinkedIn every single day to develop their systems as well as their professions, but are you aware you should use LinkedIn to develop your company, also? From producing contacts to generating prospects, creating relationships and making greater brand-awareness, LinkedIn makes a useful supplement for your digital-marketing technique. At its primary functionality, LinkedIn is just a skilled social-network. It is about job improvement, skilled contacts, market conversations along with other kinds of company-associated actions. It isn’t like additional social networking advertising systems,...

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6 Best Tips to Create Kickass LinkedIn Profiles in 2021

This post focuses on some tips and tricks that can help you to boost-up your LinkedIn profile quickly and efficiently. Make your LinkedIn profile shine There are various ways through which you can easily shine your profile. Always be up-to-date in social media. In your LinkedIn page, always keep all the information and details up to date, so that your profile looks good. This is not at all a hectic task. LinkedIn smartly breaks up the profile in various segments like- Upload your profile picture, give some job-related details, enter the year of your schooling, etc. This makes the task...

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7 Ways to Get the Best out of Facebook and Twitter|2021

We all think that both Facebook and Twitter are absolutely fee of cost, so how does it make money? What is the secret behind it? The secret is going to unveil and I am going to tell you the ways through which these social media giants make money. Facebook Ad placements: Mobile, Desktop, Right-column. Facebook is a world renowned social media and it’s the most famous one also. Millions of active users post updates, status and various things. This website has millions of visitors every day and we have seen some advertisement banners in the website of Facebook. It...

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6 New Twitter Features and Tweaks Coming in 2021

Twitter is doing rock n rolla at its premier analyst day with a chain of plans to enhance its existing features and adding new services in near future. The company is facing challenges and has dome many innovative things for deliberate implementation. Everyday about 500 million tweets are posted. The company’s goal is to increase the engagement and surface about various tweets and to increase its quality. Here are 9 new features that are targeted to achieve goals and are expected to get launched in coming months. Twitter hosted native video Twitter never focused in video category, buy by...

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LinkedIn: The New Way of Documenting Recommendations [2021 Update]

It has been seen that approximately 50% of the resumes during an interview or any kind of recruitment is misinterpreted.  Any perceived deceit and your resume will most likely be banished forevermore to the dark side. First impression is the last impression (online) Anyone’s resume, application, CV or LinkedIn profile is the first true professional impression. Never ruin it by giving any fault details or information to make your resume or LinkedIn profile look good, because remember the person sitting and taking interview is not a dumb person!!!! He is also smart and can verify the details afterwards. In...

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