Twitter is doing rock n rolla at its premier analyst day with a chain of plans to enhance its existing features and adding new services in near future. The company is facing challenges and has dome many innovative things for deliberate implementation. Everyday about 500 million tweets are posted. The company’s goal is to increase the engagement and surface about various tweets and to increase its quality. Here are 9 new features that are targeted to achieve goals and are expected to get launched in coming months.

Twitter hosted native video

Twitter never focused in video category, buy by seeing the increasing popularity of video these days, it has given a second thought and now has promised to launch a video-feature in coming versions of twitter. Now, anyone will be able to upload, edit and share videos directly from Twitter’s compose tweet box.

More twitter sing-ups and logins

Twitter has promised to release a new process that will increase the sign-up completion by 10%. It has nearly 284 million monthly active users. Besides this 500 million people sees the website on a monthly basis without logging in. world renowned celebrities attracts nearly 200 million monthly users. The company is going to make the sign-up compulsory to see these tweets, because now, if anybody wants to see any kinds of tweet, then this will increase the number of existing users in Twitter.

Instant Timeline

Many people gets discombobulate by seeing the website of this social platform and they literally does not know what to do with it. So, twitter is going to launch its Instant Timeline in which twitter will ask a new member like what is your hobby, who are your favorite celebrities, whom do you want to follow and so on. This will increase the intuitiveness of the existing website.

Twitter and ‘While you were away’

This is really an exciting feature that will get launched in recent times. In this feature, the gap or the time duration during which you were inactive in Twitter, some of the most interesting posts and tweets based on your choice will be stored and will be shown to you, when you will again logged-in in twitter.

Twitter marketing in mainstream media

Twitter has now finally decided for one of the main things that has been happening in the internet, and that’s marketing!!!! It has spent a lot of money in making twitter more market-oriented, it has done some works regarding banner-ad and it is also going to buy some search engine keyword ads to boost-up the general awareness and to increase the visibility of its platform.

Twitter improved its messaging feature: A new feature that’s expected to roll out this week will finally allow you to share tweets with others using direct messages. Now you do not have to direct message to any user with different content, you can share the tweet directly with the fellow user in a private and secured way.

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