It has been seen that approximately 50% of the resumes during an interview or any kind of recruitment is misinterpreted.  Any perceived deceit and your resume will most likely be banished forevermore to the dark side.

First impression is the last impression (online)

Anyone’s resume, application, CV or LinkedIn profile is the first true professional impression. Never ruin it by giving any fault details or information to make your resume or LinkedIn profile look good, because remember the person sitting and taking interview is not a dumb person!!!! He is also smart and can verify the details afterwards.

In Consideration of the Lowly Reference Letter

A nicely written and understood reference letter is of utmost value and importance. This can help anyone to stand alone among the crowd of thousands and helps you to gain some good recognition, and that’s very valuable. It shows that you are capable or have a lot of potential in you. A reference- letter can be an awesome confidence-builder as well.

The Reference Letter and Cosigning a Loan

Whenever a person takes loan, there is a very important role of cosigner. He or she is responsible and takes guarantee of the person who is taking loan. In any event, if the person is unable to return the loan in any circumstance, the cosigner has to pay the rest of the loan. Now, it’s the cosigner’s headache and he himself have to fight for this.

In a same manner, if a person is writing a letter of recommendation, then he must be sure that the person for whom he is writing the letter is a good person and possess all the skills that are required for the job. Because if the person is writing a false reference-letter than easily, that person can be in grave trouble.

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LinkedIn: The New Reference Letter

LinkedIn is the new-age method for a candidate. Now a days, the recruiter does not wastes his time on reading resumes and all. He just sees the candidate’s LinkedIn profiles and understood all the capability of the candidate. So, my advice is to never cheat on your social profile and always keep it updated so by any chance if any unknown person sees your social media account, he can get easily impressed.