Do you have your profile on Instagram? Would you like to get more user engagement from your Instagram Followers?

If you like to drive massive following on Instagram, there’s lot you can do to improve your company’s presence to get more followers, likes and comments.

In this post, I’ll share seven strategies for creating an engaged Instagram following.

1: Add clear CTAs (Calls to Action)

On Instagram, CTAs (Calls to Action) seems either in the picture itself or even the caption.

This amusing image strategy from Brisk has got the like included in the CTA. The organization asks their fans to double tap their favored flavor. Any double tap will lead to a like on the image.

An easy way to get more user engagement is to request fans to “tag the person you love most” within the caption. They’ll probably tag others within the comments.

2: Use Location for CTAs

Since, only Instagram allows advertisers to generally share a clickable URL in their posts, incorporating text to location is a superb work around to emphasize Calls to Action. For example, within the highly-visible location, GoPro informs their fans to visit the “link in our profile” to be a featured photo of the Day.

You can add text below an image’s location on Instagram as well.

First, upload a picture on Instagram and share that post. Next, tap the 3 dots at the bottom corner of the picture and click on Edit. The keyboard will appear along with the option “Add Location”.

After tapping “Add Location”, a pop-up appears asking you to turn-on location services. Click Cancel, after which tap“Find or create a Location” search bar. Then, key in your CTA. Click on “Create a Custom Location”.

Click the option “Done” (or Tap the check mark for Android) as well as your CTA will appear straight above the picture. Feel free to add emoticons in the location region to grab the attention of your followers.

3: Influence Related Hashtags

Hashtags really are a good way for Brands to stick out on Instagram and discover people who are not yet following their profile. Hashtags help arrange and classify video and image content, which helps in the way of content discovery. Simply ensure that you utilize Instagram hashtags, which are highly relevant to the market you’re trying to reach.

Let’s say, a cupcake organization must add hashtags, which are specific to their business, like #Instafood or #EEEEATS, instead of hashtags concerning photography or technology. Everyone dislikes a brand having posts stuffed with unrelated hashtags.

While you’re building up Instagram followers, audience reach is the whole enchilada. You have to do whatsoever it takes to really get your content before the right audience at the right time. Nothing gives you good Instagram presence like a related hashtag.

4: Do S4S (shout-outs for shout-outs)

In many Instagram posts, you may have seen users commenting on your pictures using the phrase S4S, which abbreviates for“shout-out for shout-out”. It is a process where you promote somebody else’s profile for your own fans.

To get the ball moving, search for pages having a similar target audience or companies having a comparable or higher following than your page. This way it is a mutually-beneficial scenario. To locate these profiles, search in the Instagram search with keywords or perform a web-search for the niche plus “Instagram accounts.”

Once you find suitable pages, get in touch with to make a request privately or publicly

To create a public request, comment on any of the page’s posts.

Or else, send a straight message to that Instagram account.

Upload an image as you upload any other images on Instagram. Although, rather than choosing followers, click or Tap “Direct”. Then, input the name of the user you’d prefer to message in, and select the right name.

Put in a caption asking whether the user is thinking about performing a shout-out for shout-out. If this user message back, Instagram will notify you via a home screen notification.

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5: Differ Caption Length

As, Instagram is mainly regarded an image sharing app, some popular brands use it like a platform, where they can share the written word. Each Instagram post will allow you to use 2000 characters for captions, hence why not push your limits and try different things?

Let’s say, an Instagram post contains a detailed explanation of the Weekend Hashtag Task, with a captivating image. This caption having a distinctive strategy has over 1,200 characters and produced over 578,000 likes.

6: Connect to other Users’ content

Don’t simply use hashtags to share content more efficiently, also utilize them to locate like-minded users who do the same.

For instance, if you’re in health and Fitness industry, look for hashtags like #FitnessAddict or #Fitspiration. Then, interact with others who’re sharing content with tag of similar category.

Whenever you like, comment or share somebody else’s post, the user will get a notification that displays your name and avatar. Sometimes, the user will take a look at your profile, and, if they adore the things they see, they’ll follow you and engage together with your posts too.

7: Advertise Your Instagram Account on other social networks

After you’ve found a good existence on Instagram with plenty of quality content, share your Instagram posts on other social networking platforms. It’s a very good way to motivate new individuals to follow your Instagram account.

Foster your Instagram profile on other social networking channels such as for instance Facebook, twitter as well as Snapchat. Do creative Instagram advertising for your brand. Along with sharing your Instagram profile name or URL, provide users a sample of the truly amazing content they’ll only catch on Instagram.


With over 300 million active users every month, it’s no surprise over 40% of Fortune 100 companies make use of Instagram. Using the correct Instagram marketing strategy, you can generate excellent returns for your brand.

To make your Instagram profile more successful, compel in making and sharing pictures which are fascinating and related. Interact with other like-minded Instagram profiles to help you drive one another to success.

So, what do you think? What kind of post is most fruitful for you? What else you do to engage on Instagram? If you do have other Instagram tips, freely share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.