Social media is free of cost, but social media advertising is not. People love to take a look at their newsfeed every now and then but not to watch the irritating ads.

Though you pay the social network to show your ads, they want their users disappointed with their newsfeed. So you will be the loser if you don’t take care of your social media advertising.

You may think that something smaller will be ignored by your audience and they don’t mind any such smaller mistakes. But people are getting exhausted with the load of ads on social media. So even a small mistake would make them more riled up.

So what are the best practices to follow in social media advertising?

Here is the solution for you:

1. Know the metrics you need

Social media metrics are essential in measuring the success of your campaigns. There are many third-party tools that give precise metrics. But remember, those tools are made for each and every business that involve in social media advertising. So they offer a variety of metrics. But you don’t need all the metrics.

Know what are the metrics you need. If you are not sure of what your conversion events are, social platform will charge for you the metrics that you don’t have the records of.

metrics for social media advertising

Take the suggestions of social marketing experts who can suggest you the right metrics that you need to measure for your particular product or service.

To measure the success of your campaigns, you can also use some mechanical tactics like conducting surveys and asking your customers some questions our phone.

2. Keywords are Still Important

Nowadays, semantic search seems to reduce the importance of keywords. But you have to remember one thing that, people search for something on social media using some relevant keywords.

So, you need to keep your focus on the keywords for your website. There are tools like Google Keyword Planner that gives you the list of keywords that you can use for your social media ads.

3. A/B Test Your Ads

There are numerous ways of advertising on social media. Each social network has its own ad features that you can choose one among them all.

An ad campaign involves content, targeting, scheduling and measuring. Take the aspect of content- you can share an image, a video, a link or an infographic. Each format reaches the audience differently. There are various classes of customers for your business. You need to target different people. Likewise, scheduling and measuring too can be done in various ways.

ab-testing in social media advertising

To know the better way of these aspects, you need to conduct A/B testing and know which one works well for you. With A/B, you can test different features and formats of content and know which one works well for you.

4. Go on to Some other Platforms

Social media is a better place to reach more people. But, reaching more people is a bit expensive for marketers. They need to spend a lot of time and expense on social media to reach more people. This amount depends on the type of audience that you are targeting.

To reduce the financial burden on your business, you can take your social media followers and friends to some other platforms like emails, push messages etc.

With the help of some customer management software, you can use these platforms effectively even in lower prices.

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5. Provide Better Customer Service

People make a conversion on social media through your ads. That sounds great!

And those people usually prefer social media itself to get the customer service. So, you should not compromise with the customer service.

If you don’t take care of your customers, they will be your customers no more and all your efforts in turning them into your customers will be in vain.


These are the five best practices that you can follow in your social media advertising. When followed properly, these practices will yield better results for your ad campaigns on social media.

Don’t you want to take the advantage of reaching millions of users on social media? Then don’t be late. Start implementing these practices.