Today every business is using the social media platforms for the advertisement of their business. As a business person when you start Digital Marketing platform to target your audience, most of the time due to wrong marketing strategy, you can’t understand digital marketing resource and social media classes.

To learn about how to make social media strategy you read a number of articles, view videos and much more. You get something for these but still confused.

You must be thinking that from where to learn about social media strategy? And how to learn different tricks to gain more success for your business using a social media platform.

After the research, Socioboard comes with 5 free online classes. From where you can learn about how to use social media path to target your audience and gain revenue for your business.

Free online classes to improve your social media marketing skill are

What is Social

This course is created by Northwestern University. And it is one of most effective online course for business owners and marketing professionals. Who wants to improve their social media marketing ability. Through this video, you can learn proven and effective methodologies.

“What is Social” is comes under the top six course offered by Northwestern University( A top University in the United States).

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Diploma in Social Media Marketing

This course is created by Advance Learning Academy. This video program offers number of classes and certification program which includes several marketing tips. This video will help you to learn about Affiliate Marketing, You will come to know how to use different social media tools, How to do blogging for your business and podcasting, use of Facebook for your business. SO learning for this video you will come to know about social media marketing and different tools use in marketing on social media.

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Social Media Monitoring

This free video is created by Eric Schwartzman. This video will help you to learn how to know what your customer is telling about your business on social media. This video helps you to learn about how to monitor your audience. And this video also provides you task in through which you will easily learn about Monitoring your audience on social media.

This Course will provide you the detailed example of monitoring and help you to get an overview of different social media monitoring tools.

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The Business of Social

This video is created by Northwestern University. This free video class is important for the business owners and Marketers. Who want to launch social media directly into real business for the growth of their business. It means a business person who is looking for driving measurable value through their social media strategy. This video will help you to learn how to measure your social investment in terms of time, opportunities and cost.

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Social Media Ethics

This video is created by Eric Schwartzman. Through this video, you will learn how to deal with the principles of the morality of social media platform. How to make a good judgment using social media platform for your business. Through this video will come to know what is not legal while using social media platform for your business.

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For a better business using social media platform it important to learn tricks and know how to use it according to the time needed. If your interest to get revenue from digital marketing on social media. Then the above Free video will make your dream true and help you to learn new techniques of marketing on social media.