You all are aware of the fact that visuals effect increase more traffic to your website. For performing a successful content marketing you need to provide spectacular visuals in your posts.

If you are going to do social media marketing then it is required for you to do circulate interesting content. After this, you required spending your time and money for placing them for your target customers. In overall, the extra time and money you employ, the more individual will see your messages.


Below are some of the facts that will spark you to acquire visuals content for your marketing:

1 Images in the blog post get 94% views

2 Visitors link with the photos in less than 13 milliseconds

3 According to science, images are analyzed 60,000 quicker than text.

1] Acquire Stock Photography: Stock photos are expert photographs of general places, nature,  landmarks, events or individual that are obtained and exchanged on a royalty-free source and can be utilized and reused for business design purposes.


Some of the sites that provide such kind of images are,, Death to Stock Photo, Morgue File, New Old Stock, Flickr’s Creative Commons Search.

You need to only choose the correct type of stock photography for your business that helps to increase your customers’ engagement.

2] Quote Images: Quotes are a standout amongst the most effective tools. It brings life into your written work. They provide your piece voice and create the words bounce off the page.

Quote graphics are a wonderful approach to make your post outwardly engaging and also come to the heart of the matter rapidly.


How to include Quote Graphics?

Discover a quote pertinent to your blog entry. Google “Your Keyword” and “Quote” to discover quotes for your blog entry. You can make it more visually appealing with the help of some online available tools like Canva, PickMonkey, Snappa and more.

3] Include Screenshots: Screenshots are an awesome approach to visually clarify your focuses. That is the reason a great many people like to utilize screenshots, not just to make blog entries all the more outwardly engaging, additionally to add realness and backing the key purposes of the post.


It can likewise be valuable to attract bolts screenshots. Through this, the visitor can comprehend your point effortlessly and rapidly.

Some of the tools that can help you to do this are Snagit, Skitch, Awesome Screenshot, etc.

4] Infographics: For the unaware, infographics are graphic visual depictions of data intended to show complex data quickly and simply.


These days, infographics are the posts that are mostly shared on the social media. It generates a number of shares and in addition, to this, they help to collect links to create your SEO power.

It is an essential factor for developing your blog post into a simply comprehensible step by step action.

5] Personal Photos: Personal photos are a fabulous way to reveal your human side. Readers immediately relate to these photos supporting you extend the relationship.


6] Cartoons and Comics: As till know you get an idea about the power of visuals than text.

These images are better because they are amusing that develop a smile and laugh in you. You can include cartoons and comics images in a social media blog post so that it will present a classic look to your visitors.


Creating this can be expensive but some of the tools are that can help you to do this are Canva, Pickmonkey, Snappa.

7] Animated Images: This kind of images attract more visitors to your blog. It includes gif images. It is gaining popularity now. You can regularly include simple animated gifs to attract the consideration of the visitor.


Most of the marketers hire the graphic designer to create such images but there are some of the tools in the market that can help you to do this by yourself like Jing or you can create YouTube video a GIF.