Culminating your Twitter analytics data to guarantee it accomplishes your marketing objectives is no basic undertaking. You want extraordinary content, engaging creatives, cunning use of watchwords and hashtags, and content that is really helpful and important to your audience.

With such countless boxes to tick, it’s great that Twitter gives experiences to assist you with understanding your followers and the Twitter community overall. Each word, photo, video, and follower can impact your strategy.

What Stats Should You Get From Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics accumulates every one of the practices and moves audiences make when they run over your posts or profile–the snaps, follows, likes, extends, and more and separates that data to assist you with execution and refine your strategy.

This information is basic for understanding who’s connecting with your Tweets and how your account is performing in general. Regardless of whether you sign in every day and see how the account is playing out, it’s fundamental to put numbers to those sentiments.

Twitter Analytics shows you how your audience is reacting to your substance, what’s working, and so forth. Utilize this information to advance your future Twitter crusades and improve results.

Beneath, we have eight things you can gain from your Twitter analytics :


Profile visits

The number of visits to your Twitter profile is shown at the top of your analytics dashboard. This number is reflected across a 28-day time span and is refreshed every day. It likewise shows how it thinks about the most recent 28-day time frame, alongside a mini graph displaying this data over time. 

This can assist you with checking to see if the number of individuals visiting your profile is going up or down, so you design and change your Tweets as needed.


Like the profile visits metric, you can likewise see your @mentions in the course of the most recent 28 days and overtime. Your top mention is additionally shown every month, determined by engagement, with a connection that drops you straightforwardly into that Tweet for unique context.

The mentions segment of your analytics dashboard can be extraordinary customer support for your brand. Make certain to draw in with followers that are posing inquiries or leaving reviews about your product or services.

Tweet impressions

Under the Tweets area, you can track down a rundown of every one of your Tweets and the number of impressions. You can see individual Tweet execution, just as ongoing months or a 28-day outline of combined impressions.

Profit from this data by repurposing Tweets that acquired the most impressions, or making Tweets on a comparative subject.

You can likewise utilize the total outline to think about month-to-month action. What did you do any other way in a month with higher impressions? Did you Tweet all the more much of the time? Investigate and perceive how you can reproduce months that procured you high impressions. Another choice is to evaluate Twitter Ads, which will help your substance contact more individuals.

Tweet engagements and engagement rate

Like impressions, the Tweets area likewise shows your Tweets engagement, or the number of connections your Tweet has gotten, just as the engagement rate, which is engagement divided by impressions.

If your Tweets are receiving little engagement, you may want to rethink your subject matter and format. For instance, add photo or video to your content mix which tends to generate more engagement – not forgetting the 84% year-on-year increase in watch time on Twitter.

Top Tweets

Every month, your principle analytics dashboard will show your top Tweet and top media Tweet -by impressions. Click “View Tweet Activity” to see the particular engagement separated by detail, link clicks, profile snaps, and then some.

Seeing all your top Tweets each month spread out in a similar spot permits you to total the learnings and see what they share in common.

Is it safe to say that they are on the whole embracing a similar brand voice? Do they all have an emoticon in them? What sort of source of inspiration reverberates best with your followers?

Look for patterns inside your top-performing Tweets. What days do your Tweets perform best? What time and day do your Tweets see the most engagement? Utilize these insights to enhance your Twitter strategy.

Follower growth

In the follower part of your dashboard, you can follow how your following has changed in the course of the most recent 30 days, and furthermore the number of new followers you’ve gotten each day. Assuming you notice a specific day has either acquired or lost you a few followers, check what you Tweeted that day to attempt to decide the reason.

You can likewise consider running a followers campaign to acquire engaged new followers.

Engaging with your followers assists with building brand faithfulness. Reply, Retweet, and follow back users that you can see frequently drawn in with your brand’s Twitter profile. By doing this you’ll make a more drawn- in and faithful follower base.

Video content execution

In the event that you’re utilizing video as a component of your substance strategy, you can track your video views, just as see a greater image of how individuals are reacting to your videos. For example, would they say they are watching it to fruition?

Conversion tracking

Assuming a follower draws in with one of your ads on Twitter on their mobile, and afterward utilizes their PC to change over, or purchase your product, conversion tracking will accurately credit this to your Twitter ad.

It basically empowers you to quantify your profit from ad spending by following the activities of individuals once they see or draw in with your promotions on Twitter.

You can see your total Twitter analytics inside Socioboard, close by information from your other social stages as a whole. No more hunting around every stage for the metrics you want to follow — it’s readily available.

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About Socioboard


Socioboard assists every one of the brands and businesses with a wonderful social media engagement automation, lead generation, customer service, and marketing platform. It is one of the most outstanding open-source software that associates a definitive power to social media.

Socioboard is essentially an overall scheduling application that additionally permits you to make posts for numerous social media stages, with abundant customization. By utilizing this stage you can do anything such as hashtags, images, post reviews, abbreviated links, and so forth. It is possible with the assistance of Sociobaord. It enables you to schedule every one of your posts.


It works fundamentally with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with an additional mix with LinkedIn and Pinterest. It works with multiple accounts for each, limited just by the degree of course of action you purchase. You can cooperate with colleagues, you can direct it through program expansions and you can use a Socioboard application for phones. Likewise, Socioboard has a broad assortment of development applications that add parts to the middle Socioboard platform.



It has three degrees of record for organizations of different sizes. They all present to 15 RSS channels to be seen. They all deal with the assessment, two-venture validation, team collaboration, and business feature access. The primary differences between each structure are the number of accounts it manages, the number of colleagues it reinforces, and the expense.

How to utilize Twitter analytics with Socioboard

Socioboard has a scope of accommodating components specific to Twitter. They can essentially dispose of the proportion of time you enjoy managing your accounts every day.


In any case, Socioboard offers the ability to manage various social networking profiles in the same spot. Reliably you spend logging out and logging in, or trading between Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are brief you spare using Socioboard. This planned exertion moreover allows you to introduce a similar message on each connected account, or especially connected accounts, meanwhile.

Second, the Socioboard scheduler grants you to add different patterns to it, which scatter your content at specific occasions in the midst of specific days, dependent upon how you really want them circulated. You can sprinkle redesigns reliably or concentrate them in the midst of workdays or the end of the week.


You can administer unmistakable schedules for different accounts, as well; directing two Twitter accounts, you can have one post three times every day at specific times, and the other can post twelve times around the same time without interfering with the plan of the chief account.

Third, adding moves up to Socioboard is incredibly amazing. It works in basically the same manner as introducing on Twitter typically, except for having a straightforward graphical interface to allow you to pick which accounts Socioboard scheduled the post for en route. Compose a tweet, select the accounts that will post it and it will open into the accompanying open time allotment for your schedule. You would then be able to change which opening to drive a given message further back assuming you need it.


Fourth, a Socioboard extent of 50+ augmentations and applications massively assemble the utility and extent of the stage. Each stage of the Socioboard facilitates an unassuming pack of uses you can use to extend your abilities on those objections. Mobile applications, desktop applications, and program expansions exist too.

Socioboard Analytics

Socioboard is directing such a lot of information, it looks good that it steps to find open information and break your messages. Socioboard Analytics covers most of the areas it works with, yet Twitter is a champion among the most solid. You can see the snaps, retweets, notice, reach, and fans for each tweet you make. Even more essentially, it’s all accurate up to the second you press the assessment to get; no deferral for announcing.

The way Socioboard grandstands analytics is truly wonderful. You can see at first which tweets are awesome, just by analyzing the numbers or the line of symbols it shows. You can generally dismiss the assessment, as a rule, basically using it to get a sensation of your ordinary execution. Exactly when a particular tweet performs best or all the more horrendous than expected, it will arise, and you can use that opportunity to acquire to some degree more significance to find the reason why.

Similar works for Facebook and LinkedIn to fluctuating levels of utility. These stages have better techniques for the following information, through their own analytics, including Twitter. Nevertheless, Socioboard gives you a lively gander at fundamental bits of knowledge, which is all that you want generally. While something noteworthy occurs, you can jump into the more significant, all the more remarkable examination to find the reason why. Socioboard examination isn’t without its issues, but instead, that is the explanation it’s a wonderful supplemental tool.

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Ways to utilize Socioboard

The most awesome aspect of using Socioboard, with the legitimate program modules, is that it appears ordinarily fused with your web perusing information. At the point when you’re on Twitter, you can snap to retweet a persuading tweet, and Socioboard will wander into inquisitive concerning whether you really want to design the tweet. If you see an image, you can without a very remarkable stretch snap to schedule it through Socioboard. At whatever point you really want, you can tap the program Socioboard catch and schedule a post with regards to the site you’re at this point seeing.

Tweets with pictures are particularly solid, and twtboardpro new conveniences with vivified gifts further develop that utility. Socioboard also allows you to post a portion of these messages at least a time or two, to help your presentation. This is particularly useful in case you work with customers the country over or all over the planet. Each subsequent repost will drop somewhat in worth, be that as it may, 2-3 posts of a particularly fundamental post will accomplish a pinnacle.

Final Words:

Consequently, Socioboard is broadly used to reinforce social media endeavors and furthermore assists you with progressing and handling your experience on the social networks all the more successfully.