Don’t you too think that scheduling social media posts is very worthwhile?? Isn’t it very relieving when you have already planned your content for social media in advance? So many people use this strategy to plan things. This is the one who wants to release their stress. But, so many people still find it difficult to schedule social media posts because it requires a good approach that one can strategize planning content for social media posts.

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Scheduling social media posts must feel like a real-time update, and this is possible if scheduling social media posts would be done within a short-term life cycle. Including the information is also required to have a higher frequency of the movement across the other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. In solid social media posts, a schedule is a good space for amazing real-time updates. Therefore, scheduling social media posts makes it a real-time release of stress, and one can directly get into the real-time engagement as well.

How to schedule all social media posts on time for enhanced engagement –


Do the audit of your social media

It is important to conduct necessary research to understand the account of its goals, objectives, social circle, reach, etc. This is necessary to have a clearer picture for the future schedule social media posts . for the more impressive audit, you need to ask the important things of the existing account; some of those things are

  1. The social circle of each account
  2. Objective Objectives media account
  3. Analytically derived demographics
  4. The credible user of the account

Taccincludesme of the important things to do the specific research for. This also includes the posting frequency on social media handles to have the good competitor acts of the posts and the people’s engagement per post.

 Analyze the competitors of the account

One is done with the basic auditing of the account; then, one should also have the codes of the competitors they will encounter while competing for the same. For discovering other competitors for the research about the competitors, one can also adopt an approach of the monitoring tools used, which helps analyze the competitors’ businesses to ease the process of the scheduled social media posts.  But, one must also understand that your competitors’ business must not necessarily work for you also. So, it’s important to understand that this won’t be the ultimate step to solve all your hustles related to formulating a highly productive strategy. But, this can help you provide an idea about the kind of approach that has worked for your competitors and will help you formulate your own intelligently crafted unique strategy.

But, for that, you need to keep an eye on the frequency of the efforts and track the types of steps/activities taken by the social editors in the same industry.

Decide the frequency of the scheduling of social media posts.

Many people are totally confused about the frequency of what they need to post on social media or how to schedule social media posts. the frequency of the social media posts, there is no such finalized rule that one has to follow to maintain the correct frequency of the posting. and this is the reason that it becomes more important to correctly understand the niche of the industry and work according to it.

This will help you walk the extra mile by analyzing the enhancements on the posts. Facebook also mentions that “consistent posting is key,” They suggest that one should post daily to maintain the consistency and the good frequency of the posts on the social media handle.  Schedule social media posts are the best thing to do to maintain this consistency of the posting.

One should also consider the good content to be posted because the posting should have a good frequency. The consistent posting makes it easier for your fans and followers to know that the posting of the account is done at that particular time. And if the content on the post is eroded, then the fan following will easily vanish. If you are thinking about how to schedule all your social media posts? Then schedule social media posts will be a very accurate solution to this.

Correctly decide the timing of the posting.

The very good thing about the scheduled social media posts is that they allow their users to accurately optimize the postings on the social media for their audience according to the content scheduled in advance. And also, this is a good escape when the posting person or the owner of the account is busy or engaged with some urgent work, but the posting frequency can hamper the consistency of the posting in that scenario.

There is also no ideal time for posting as it depends upon the industry and the niche of the user of that account. This can be easily drawn by the close track of the monitor of the posting, which is to be done on the other social media of the users of the same niche.

This helps to find out the audience’s interest to formulate your content depending upon the audience’s interest.

 Determine the content type

This can be easily done when the schedule of the social media posts will be done according to the interests of the audience and the frequency consistency. One can easily schedule social media posts with the content of the various types so that each type of relevant post should be consistently posted on your social media handle. Some of the posts that need to be posted on social media are the-.

  • There should be at least one-third of your social media posts that need to be related to the proper promotion for your business.
  • Also, the other one-third of the content must be the leaders of the industry.
  • Moreover, the last one-third of the posts must involve the proper personal interaction with the audience of the industry who are connected with your social media handle.

One can also employ the 80-20 rule, according to which 80 percent of the posts should be designed wisely, informing your audience, entertaining them, and adding value to their lives. And on the other hand, the remaining 20 percent of the post should directly promote your brand. Many business owners have already followed this rule to design the post in advance and schedule social media posts.

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This is a very good approach to employ the most well-known strategies like 80-20 rules which make it very easy and helpful to design the most in advance and decide the theme of the content which need to be posted for more engagement and more better-desired results along with the many opportunities for the growth in the business.

The ideal regularity to post to social media


When you finally decide your content for next week, you have to plan then; after that, your next step is to find out the ideal frequency for your social media posts. When you schedule your post, the timing should be unique and based on the specific audience. Therefore, it would be best to do complete and neat research on a frequency that gives you a great place to begin.

Well, we gathered some data on the best regularity for the top social media sites:

On Twitter, you can post five posts in a day

On Facebook, you go with two posts in a day

And, on LinkedIn, one post per day.

If we talk about Google+, then two posts in a day and on Pinterest, same as google+ two posts in a day.

You take help from tools. It means there are so many tools available in the market for scheduling the post, and it will work best and make things easy for you.

Socioboard is one of the most amazing tools for scheduling social media posts, and it also has so many amazing features. So let’s discuss some amazing and very helpful features of this tremendous tool.


The biggest advantage, or the big benefit of this tool, is that you can easily create, plan, and schedule your content according to your audience’s active time. Make your personal publishing schedule with the Socioboard.

If you are an agency then, this feature helps with your work and makes your work easy. By using this tool, you can easily manage multiple social accounts and add new social media handles. Also, you can remove the old ones that are not your clients now or maybe that are not in use right now.

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When you schedule your social media post, it is essential to recognize your targeted audience and get involved in your social media. With the help of this, you can easily make your reports, and these things will matter to you. Most importantly, you can easily set your team roles, assign tasks, manage approvals, and customize the accounts. Moreover, you will get access to your dashboard statistics and social handles. The team members can easily report right in your official email with an automated email with report features.