In contemporary context one of the biggest hurdles faced by businesses and individuals monitoring their social media platforms is presence of massive unorganized information and data. It is what they talk about as information overload in this industry. Absence of data is a big cause of concern and too much data can be called a worry as it is.

As mentioned in many online and offline mediums, one of the most problematic issues with tremendous amount of data on social media platforms is to obtain meaningful contextual information.

Data in Social Media Platforms is not indexed properly. Its utter chaos out there, unlike other mass data from advertising, electronics, automobile sector etc. which is very well organized.


Let’s take the case of appointment of Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft and attempt to churn out contextual information from conversation around.

It was estimated that there were about 100 thousand mentions of the name of newly appointed CEO in some bygone days. Lot many organizations faced very tough time to get relevant data out of numerous social media platforms being face to face with information overload.  Approximately, it was calculated that there were about 50 thousand posts every day.

The tendency of most businesses is to see organized and unorganized data side by side to check up the contextual information. This gives a clear picture as it is and people can figure out their course of further action. All this adds to their information system constructively.