The “VP of sales” is one of the most crucial person in a startup, because this is a person who is in charge of the most significant and decisive assets of an organization. They are responsible for generating revenues and customers, which ultimately affects the overall business growth. An educated, zealous leader for the sales department that is “VP of sales” is the vital key to grow the business successfully. The VP of sales must have a proper understanding and knowledge of both sales as well as motivating staff magnificently.

Precept 1

Don’t Copy. Never try to apply the techniques of big & successful companies. Because coping them won’t work for you. Understand the latest trend, knows about them and further apply them, this 3 things would definitely work for a better startup.

Precept 2

Be Positive. Look for the great talent, not the resumes. Because it’s the talent and expertise that will assist in building great revenue and new customers.

Precept 3

Be Passionate. Opting to work as VP of sales in startup merely for the income is not going to help you. You must be eager to solve the problem in the best possible way to get succeed.

Precept 4

Be Choosy. Work with the company or the CEO, or Founder you are compatible and comfortable with. Surely there can be times of impressive highs trailed by horrific lows. So, it’s better to opt for the one who can support in the good as well as bad times.

Precept 5

Think as Revenue Engineer. You don’t actually need sales people, all you need is SALES. You should have proper & timely sessions with the engineers and product managers of the organization. Because, although sales is vital, but engineers can’t be overlooked, they’re important too. Engineering and product are the vital partner that can help you to get succeed.

Precept 6

Be a Hero. Choose the best firm to work with, as picking the right one can be greatly beneficial.

Precept 7

Pay your Sales Staff. Drive more good people in your organization by paying them attractive commission rate, sometimes pay them more than the market rate. This can assist greatly in making the sales a highly profitable business.

Precept 8

Appreciate. Being a VP of sales, your basic job is to make an arrangement and culture that, create great success and an environment in the organization that would make your team to love working in. Appreciate them and let the success’s light shine on the whole team, not just on you! Take sessions and make them understand about the things that would result in the success of the sales organization.

The 4 traits VP of sales that will make a difference in the organization are-

Management Experience: VP of sales must have a good managerial experience that will help in balancing the several administrative as well as sales-related responsibilities.

Sales Experience: The sales’ VP must possess a good sales tactics and should be better equipped to set the goals and standards for the organization.

Behavioral Qualities: The behavioral traits of a VP of sales can be a vital key factor for the organization’s success. The VP of sales must have a leadership & self-direction quality to push the company towards the success.

Job Approach: VP of sales must possess a strong communication skills and the capability to effectively interact with the personnel and the customers.

The sales organization is an image of the company’s professionalism, culture and development phase. Thus, VP of sales plays a vital role in determining the success of the organization.

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