Is your marketing strategy includes Instagram? Or you simply ignored Instagram because you think your brand isn’t a fit? Every business and brand have a story to tell and sharing the brand success story with Instagram will help a business to engage and active their audience via compelling pictures are a brilliant strategy to start online promotion.

As per the Shopify’s social commerce report, the number of sales orders through Instagram has increased by 79% since last few year, with the average order profit at almost $60. Instagram is also one of the most mobile social network, 64% of its traffic is driving via mobile browsers. Research data from Shareaholic also showed that Instagram now drives more website traffic than any other social media network.

While this social media doesn’t immediately knock the users as a great tool to generate sales, it may be one of the great ways to showcase your brands’ products and services. In this post, you’ll see how business and brands got creative with Instagram, how they get to know the virtual scrapbooking network much better, captured new followers and learn how to use Instagram for business.

How to Use Instagram?

Below are six innovative ways brands are using Instagram. If you’re not making the most of the Instagram, get ready to be inspired!

Visible advertising may be the latest trend, therefore, it’s no wonder business and brands observe large potential in Instagram. It’s an extremely warm social networking website wherever pictures are center-stage and discussing is second-nature towards the viewers.

While some business and brands have been quick to adopt Instagram as a social media marketing tool to drive targeted audience, there is the number of business that can do more to harness the power of Instagram and visual storytelling.

Use The Right Hashtags

Your primary goal on Instagram is to engage your audience while also growing your fan the following list. Posting new, engaging and interesting photos will satisfy the first requirement but to start with growing you’ll find hashtagging your photographs to be very important. Hashtagging your photographs makes it easy for the audience to find your photographs that are searching for those specific terms.


Here are some revolutionary ways brands are using Instagram. If you’re not producing the absolute most of Instagram, this success story will inspire you to get this!

#1: Bring Instagram to You

Instagram is really integrated into Nordstrom‘s general marketing strategy that they’re utilizing it being an in-store marketing device. The shop illustrates its most widely used hooks by ‘hashtagging’ these within the shops.


Nordstrom offers around 4.5 thousand fans on Instagram. It’s a safe guess most of them are buying in store. Whenever these fans begin to see the commonly pinned products within the shop it may result in large revenue.

Based on Company Expert, Nordstrom not just flags popular products within the footwear and handbags divisions, the brand also has an app to help salesmen discover the hashtag products within the store.

But Nordstrom isn’t the only real organization benefiting from this latest advertising strategy. Goal along with other merchants are implementing this applied as well.


Tips: Whether you have a web-based or brick-and-mortar shop, you are able to emphasize these products which are especially well-known on Instagram to attract focus on trending products.

#2: Share Your Lifestyle, Not Your Products

Instagram’s most widely used hashtags are foods, fashion, and home decorating. Considering the fact that, you might not anticipate Lowe’s components shops to be always a normal match. However, the business and brands did difficult to customize its exercise to Instagram’s viewers.


Lowe’s contains from design motivation for every space in the home to presents that hyperlink nicely for their online shop to build tasks and awesome devices.

The end result is a showcase of lifestyle ideas—and 3.5 million followers.


Tip: Instagram’s fans and followers page happens to be 80% women, as well as their best pursuits are the lifestyle, fashion, home design, craft, and kiddies. Place a spin-on your business and brands that suit the viewers you wish to achieve.

#3: Show Your Fans You Appreciate Them

Your fans and followers are at the heart of what you do, and social media channels are a great place to appreciate them for their continued support.


The Today Exhibit lately strike hundred, thousand fans on Instagram, so that they cooked a dessert and “shared” it together to rejoice! The flag resulted in the site in which a formula confirmed action-by-step directions regarding steps to make the dessert at home.


Tip: Starting thanks for your fans and followers is just an easy way that’s usually valued. Provide them with anything of curiosity they are able to utilize or re-create and you’ll collect fresh fans very quickly. Don’t neglect to generally share your thank you flag across additional social media networking to ensure as numerous followers as you are able to observe your concept.

Final Thoughts

One of the most powerful and popular ways to reach your fans is Visual storytelling, nowadays, and Instagram is the best place to do that. The potential to give a 360-degree viewpoint of your brand, products, and customers philosophy through this positive and inspirational image-sharing site is astonishing.

If you don’t feel like your brand have the glamor Instagram craves or if you aren’t a visual brand,  remember that Instagram is as much, if not more, about sharing and curating other people’s images as hashtagging your own. Strategic partnerships can help you to do that.

What are you thinking? Has your business and brands had success on Instagram? What tips and strategies do you have for existing out from the crowd? Let share your views with us.

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