Facebook turned 11 this month! This seems like a birthday is worth celebrating as everyone has seen the incredible growth of Facebook from an exclusive college only social club to a leading social platform ruling over the Internet and connecting the entire world via likes, shares and pokes. With over 1.35 billion active users, it is quite sheer that Facebook is a vital vehicle for every marketer to advertise their offered products or services.

The online advertising space is eternally in flux, and the past 2 years have seen a major investment by many brands and business to drive engagement. This influx of marketing money contributes considerably to the bottom line of social sites, specifically Facebook, but advertising spends have a tradition of moving around.

Facebook feels that the ‘Business Pages’ are a very crucial part of their platform and still offer an easy-to-maintain and free online presence for people to know and become aware about a business. They keep working for improving the user’s experiences, and provide more traits for Business pages. In 2015, the latest change done by Facebook will flaunt on one’s news feed, making it pretty difficult for social marketers to easily reach their buyer personas. The changes are going to directly affect the ways through which brands or business were earlier organizing their marketing campaigns.

These changes can affect the Facebook marketing and you as a business owner, must adapt the changes accordingly. Here is a guide to the latest Facebook changes in 2015 that would help you understand the changes, challenges and techniques to make Facebook fruitfully work for your business.

What are the Changes in the News Feed?

The reason behind the latest changes is that most of the users agreed that promotional posts, makes them annoyed, and thus they would like to see only a few promotional posts on their news feeds. That’s why Facebook has decided to cut off the number of promotional posts and thus changing the overall appearance of the user’s news feeds. They’ll reduce the excessive promotional contents, so that the users can see their friend’s stories and posts from the pages they are interested in.

Here are the Types of Posts to Avoid Now:

  • Over promotional posts.
  • Posts with the only intention of pushing users to purchase a product.
  • Post with sole intention of pushing users to download an app.
  • Posts pushing users to enter promotions or sweepstakes promotion with no real perspective.
  • Posts using the same content as that of Facebook ads.

What actually does this change mean?

  • Decrease in the reach/distribution of the posts to the potential audiences.
  • Less engagement levels on the business page.
  • If you solely want to promote your products or services, then you’ve to use Facebook Advertising.

What Are The Challenges For The Businesses With Low Budget?

If you own a small business with low budget, but wants to promote your products or services on Facebook, then change your Facebook tactics.

Solely focus on the posting the contents that is worth value for the users, that makes them aware and boost them to get engaged with your products or services’ post and share them to reach out more audiences. This is the best way to make your post reach to a large crowd of targeted audiences.

Use the exact link format while posting on your business page, because any burying links within photo captions can reduce the chance of distributing your posts.

Try different posts by combining different keywords and text, to know what kind of post can work for business, making more engagement of the targeted audiences.

Make use of the best image sharing platform “Instagram”. Post images and video on it, and cross post that images and videos to Facebook. Use a content scheduler to properly plan and organize Facebook posts.

What about Businesses with Low Advertising Budget?

Flexibility and Budget are few of the benefits of social media advertising, because it offers a platform which, if used strategically can assist in achieving better efficiency than the traditional media. The small advertising budget businesses can also use Facebook to target their posts to potential audiences.

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Marketing Tactics to Adapt to Expand Facebook Reach In 2015

Know your audience

Use Facebook Insights to know about the audiences who are interested in the same products or services as offered by you, and their demands. This data provides the insights about the contents that booms the most with your audiences, and the way they responds to the best regarding your posts.

Don’t focus on selling, rather focus on “soft selling” on Facebook

The key reason behind the changes in the Facebook’s users’ news feed is that, businesses are constantly posting bulks of posts that are solely sales driven. To make Facebook users enjoy more and have great experience, Facebook has taken this step. Now, it would be better focusing on such posts or piece of contents which will help users to know and get aware about something. It’ll let your audience know about your knowledge and expertise in the products or services you’re offering.

Post only the best content that makes value to the audience

People are least interested in reading the contents or posts that make no sense! Use the best pieces of contents that has been effective on other social media or content marketing platforms, like posts which has more numbers of sharing, likes, pins, tweets, clicks, etc. The best content will make value for the audiences.

Encourage your network to engage with your Facebook’s Business Page

Empowering your networks such as colleagues, friends, personnel and others to get engaged with your official Facebook page is the simplest, but effective way to boost the Facebook organic reach. More numbers of the likes, shares, clicks, engagement a Facebook post get, the more is the probability of boosting the Facebook organic reach. Whenever you’re posting, encourage your friends, and other connections to engage and share posts to put your business in front of a larger audience.

Respond to make your audience feel they’re being listened and cared

More you respond to your audience on your Facebook page, more customers will trust you and will get engaged. Adding a sensitive human touch can greatly assist your Facebook presence.

Now that you are aware of all key techniques to adapt with Facebook,
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