In the mid of 2015, Facebook ad spending increased by 247%. We’re not surprised. Facebook offers an amazing platform for companies to advertise on with features that other major pay-per-click platforms don’t have such as the ability to use images and micro-target your audience.

Despite its enormous success, Facebook advertising is still relatively new. This can make some companies fell nervous and act conservatively when it comes to marketing decisions. However, the more risks you take and the more outgoing you are with your Facebook ad strategy, the more successful you will be. Here are a few Facebook ad tips to get you started with your campaign, complements of SocioBoard:

Facebook Ad Tip #1: Define your goals.

facebook ad tips1

Creating goals and establishing metrics is the first step in planning a successful advertising campaign, no matter if it’s on Facebook or a sandwich sign. The first step in goal-oriented planning is to determine what you want to achieve through your campaign. Are you trying to drive traffic to your site? Promote an event? Generate sales? Get more Facebook Likes? The second step is to determine how you will measure your success, and what the benchmark for success is. Will you be using Facebook analytics? Google analytics? Revenue? What duration of time will you track the results for? Make sure to set yourself up for success and create milestones to mark your achievements.

Facebook Ad Tip #2: Keep up with the kids.

facebook ad tips2

Facebook ads have a lifespan of about three weeks. After that they blend in with the rest of the noise, either having been acted on or rejected by the user. Create a portfolio of advertisements for each campaign and switch them out every two weeks or so. Track which ones work and which ones don’t. This can be as effortless as combining different images with the same text. If it’s appropriate for your audience and goals, incorporate current pop culture issues in a timely manner. If there is a rumor that celebrities X and Y are having a baby, why not exploit it?

Facebook Ad Tip #3: Embrace Generation Hipster.

facebook ad tips3

Unlike every other pay-per-click ad Facebook ads use images, which is an enormous advantage that you should take advantage of to the fullest extent! Unusual images attract eyes and clicks. The image portion of your Facebook ad is your opportunity to take risks and be whacky. Have fun with it! We’re at the height of Generation Hipster, an era that privileges the strange and illogical. Irony is magnetic. Emo is “in.” Be brave and grab users’ attention with an extraordinary image.

Facebook Ad Tip #4: Pique curiosity in the headline.

facebook ad tips4

This can be done in one of two ways: By asking a question, or by making a statement that provokes a question from the reader. One of the most memorable Facebook ads from the past few years was for a language learning system called the Pimsleur Method. The headline read, “Language Professors HATE him.” Whenever I saw the ad I wondered, why do they hate him? Who is he? Why are language professors such jerks? The “web 1.0” aesthetic of the ad really stuck out on Facebook’s streamlined interface. Everything about the Pimsleur ad felt scandalous and even a little dirty. It was a thrill to click through.

Facebook Ad Tip #5: Short = Sweet.

facebook ad tips5

No one reads especially when it comes to ads. Clicking on Facebook ads is an act of impulsivity, so tailor your language as such. Use a minimal word count, limiting text to 20% of the ad space and leaving the other 80% for the image. Use the text to draw a connection between the image and the headline (answer the question, etc.) and make a call to action. Don’t be wordy. Don’t be fancy. Don’t even be grammatically correct if you can get your point across without using pronouns.

Facebook Ad Tip #6: Pick a target and aim for it.

facebook ad tips6

Location, location, location! Not to mention age, sex, education level, interests, and any other demographic Facebook users can be grouped into. Target as small of an audience as possible, and make the ad as relevant as possible to them and what you know about their lives. Also, depending on your goals, you may want to target only your fans or include friends of your fans.

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