Author: Kanchan Sharma

5 Clever Tips for Running a Facebook Ad

Facebook is a readymade market connecting you with an audience of nearly 3 billion users, offering massive opportunities for marketers to augment their organic efforts. Facebook marketing is all about conferring your message in front of the right segment who are most likely to buy or need your products or services. Running a Facebook ad is the best way to get your message across to the right audience. Why Running a Facebook Ad Matters? Facebook ads running are a surefire way to drive enormous traffic from an active and engaged user base to your landing page, giving more extra...

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Social Media Marketing Management Vs Social Media Management

Social media marketing and management are correlated but two separate concepts to grasp and use efficiently to harness better profits from social media. Where social media management concentrates on the use of social media accounts, social media marketing or SMM is planning imperative moves to generate leads through social media presence. Utilizing social media platforms for business development requires practicing two vital components of digital marketing strategy, both social media management and social media marketing.  They may appear like one, and many people misinterpret them as a similar theory, but it is not the case. Social media management and...

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Top Social Media Trends 2022

Social media marketing is a non-negotiable component of today’s marketing world if looking to grow through digital marketing platforms. Having said that, one must keep themselves updated with the latest social media trends to use digital platforms effectively and earn big.  To stay ahead of the curve, following the latest social media trends is essential. So, what are the latest social media trends? How to keep up with social media trends? Let us check 15 critical social media trends 2022 that are reshaping how businesses operate today. 15 Social Media Trends 2022 We’ve compiled a list that every marketer...

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11 Intelligent Social Media Management Strategies

Amid an ever-changing social-media management scenario, buckle up your marketing game with focus and technique to make an impression and increase profits. Sharing below 11  basic, never failing, intelligent social media management strategies to level up amid tough competition. 11 Effective Ways to Improve Social Media Management 1. Audit Your Existing Social Media Strategy When using a social media management platform, always make time to audit your marketing strategy to gather crucial insights into your marketing. With a social media audit, you can understand what’s working and what isn’t profitable within your social media campaigns. Additionally, you get to...

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18 Best Tips for Cyber Monday Marketing 2021

Get Ready to Capture the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year! As the world has transitioned to a digital environment, so has the yearly shopping tradition, which will continue to grow online.  With total online spending of $10.7 billion, Cyber Monday 30 November 2020 was the biggest online shopping day in the history of the United States of America. To capture customer attention and surmount the market competition, retailers are developing fiercer marketing strategies than ever. In this post, we will share tips for growing sales through a cyber Monday campaign, and apply these Monday marketing ideas and...

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