Author: Papia Debnath

LinkedIn Marketing Guide: 7 Tips for Professional Practices in 2021

LinkedIn has become essential for any professional. It is an important networking tool as well as a great place to showcase your achievements. But do you feel that there is still room for you to improve your LinkedIn marketing? Here are 7 LinkedIn marketing tips straight from the pros. #1: LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Gets Your Content Seen One of the best LinkedIn tips is to use LinkedIn sponsored updates. This gives you a better way to have your content viewed by influential people on LinkedIn. In turn, this will increase your credibility as an expert in your field as...

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How to Calm Down Angry Customers on Social Media in 2021?

A research has reported out of 100 approx. 89% of customers will stop doing business with a company after receiving bad customer service. Is your business comes under that category? How does this happen? The answer is not so difficult if we have a keen look on our social media strategy. Customers are leaving those brands only which are not optimizing and fail to understand their needs. Any business owner doesn’t want his or her business to lose a customer because they fail to provide good customer service or deal with their complaint. If you’re one of them, then...

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5 Most Embarrassing Social Media Fails From 2021

Not Individual learns from the previous biggest social media fails. Brands and social media accounts of all types continue to post and tweet online some things that can only leave us with our hands on our heads. Did you remember that incident when you tweeted a wrong link to all of your followers and considered erasing your social media account and starting a new account somewhere far away with a new Twitter handle? Presently envision experiencing an online networking disaster on a bigger scale when you have the consideration of millions individuals. Regardless of how small or big, brands...

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Top 5 Concerns Making Every Social Media Marketer Bang Their Heads on the Table [2021 Update]

What if you could just read the minds of social media marketers to discover where they stand when it comes to promoting their brands or products across social media platform? How helpful would it be to perceive how your competitors are handling social media platforms, their time commitment, and measurement? Well, social media marketing is like a blessing in disguise. But, having little knowledge could shatter your marketing strategies into pieces. Most social media marketers are seeking answers to the questions which can help them enhance their social media marketing strategy and expand their business reach on various social...

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4 Ways to Create Hashtags For Successful Twitter Marketing in 2021

A hashtag is usually a way used by people for searching tweets having some common topic. Hashtags are the small links preceded by a symbol “#” which was introduced by social media giant “Twitter”. And now these hashtags are also used by several other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. Hashtags serve a purpose of grouping and organizing the posts which are using some common words and sentences including hashtags for search purposes and trending. You can easily search relevant topics using hashtags and join trending conversation using a hashtag. But what does it mean...

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