Author: Papia Debnath

How to Increase Your Facebook Page Reach in 2021

You may have come across the fact that Facebook is making it progressively problematic for brands, and folks alike, to obtain their stuff seen by their targeted audience. Whilst Facebook states that the actions they’re applying is a result of the excessive quantity of information that’s being published on the Facebook, and the latest algorithms are designed especially to guarantee the quality and relevancy of the contents — thus reducing the quantity of useless or spammy stuff that their customers see — it appears to become more of the money get, making companies pay for posting boosts and ads....

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A Glaring Guide on Facebook Marketing for Businesses [2021 Update]

Social media networks especially Facebook has been playing a significant role in online marketing and emerged as a source of advertising any business. Facebook acquires over 1.23 billion monthly users globally with the US topping the chart with over 161 million users. The US register nearly 90% of entrepreneurs are using Facebook for marketing their business. With the kind of increase in users registering on Facebook each day creating opportunities to acquire new clients has made the different business especially online to integrate Facebook as an important component of its online marketing strategies. Now that most of the online...

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Reason Why You Can’t Ignore LinkedIn in 2021

LinkedIn became a big deal in the world of B2B marketing over the past few years. While the numbers were certainly impressive, just the way that customers and prospects were talking about LinkedIn made it clear to me that it has been coming into its own as a marketing channel. People would call in out of the blue and want to talk about it, and while they did not all have a good idea of what could be done on LinkedIn to help generate prospects, they certainly knew that it could be used to attract them. Let’s take a...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2021

People who are using social media are happy every time they get more likes and every time anyone requests to follow them. There’s no different with the Instagram users as well. It’s the same with them too, and many time they only crave for getting more followers in Instagram. There are numerous ways to get it done. Below are few of the helpful tips to get more Instagram followers: Before giving the ideas for getting more number of followers in Instagram, firstly you have to comprehend that it’ll lead you a long practice and certainly it’ll never be an...

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How the 5 Hot Trends are Tweaking Social Media in 2021?

Not too long ago, the onlooker on the Internet was steadily observing the Twitter’s revolutionary early days and the chary warning emptor observes about Facebook cloaked as Academy Award-winning The Social Network”. Today there’s LinkedIn for the professional, Pinterest for the DIY- oriented, and Instagram for millennial exploring their FOMO, Tumblr for teenage thinkers, and even the online dating services multiplying as social networking sites. It’s been only some years since it’s been simply social networking, now it’s SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s the mass communication. It’s our media landscape. And here’s where it’s proceeding and what it signifies for businesses....

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