Author: Papia Debnath

How Mobile Apps Help you to Craft Instagram Posts That Drive Sales in 2021?

Do you use Instagram for business? Do you need better ways to manage multiple accounts with ease? For those businesses that manage multiple Instagram account, the options are limited. They either create a second Instagram profile on their smartphone, install another copy of Instagram, and have another Instagram account signed in, or log in, upload a photograph, log out, and then again log into another account. Ugh….total waste of time! This is one of the reasons that many social media marketers haven’t chosen Instagram. One more drawback that pull down their growing hand is – it doesn’t offer the...

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How Free Mobile Apps Can Promote Your Business on LinkedIn in 2021?

Do you use LinkedIn and looking to grow your LinkedIn connection? Do you want to increase your chances of connecting with individual via LinkedIn? After years of social media marketing experience, I made out a conclusion that If I were going to stay steady with any social media site, I would love to call LinkedIn as my main squeeze. YES, the lovely LinkedIn. It warms me up with friendly introductions to powerful social media marketing decision makers. It brings a smile to my dull face from the irrational amount of targeted traffic to my brand’s websites. And it goes...

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How to Get 1000+ Followers and Re-tweets for your Tweets by Using a Free Mobile App|2021

Are you struggling to get followers on Twitter? Looking for the ideas to get people talking? Simple ideas can give your business something to talk about, even if you doesn’t have anything original or new to say. But is this your aim to being casual or be a part of a crowd. If my vision is not wrong then the answer should be NO…….as an entrepreneur you may craft your business goal to reach high expectations for both yourself and costumes. But how to achieve your desired goals whereas there are many professional and unprofessional social media breaks happen...

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7 Secrets Of Eminent Social Media Marketers No One Will Tell You|2021

If someone is super busy and is deeply involved in their business, it’s not a big issue, but that has to start caring as well as thinking of themselves. They simply can’t say that- I am busy, I have this…. I have that!!!! They have to make time for various other things. They have to run the company and have to give time and think of social media also. Are you one of them, who looks for the strategy to improve social media productivity and always have a keen interest in finding ways to revitalize your social media marketing?...

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5 Steps to Effectively Manage Your Social Media Postings with SocioBoard

SocioBoard is one of the latest on board of open source social media management tool that has quickly risen up the ranks to the top of the list of SMM tools. If this is your first time blogging, you may not aware about social media management tools. “Social media- a group of technologies, including blogs, online collaboration and online network tools”. However, if you have been in the blogging scene for a while, you have probably heard about social media management tools. Social media management can be overwhelming work if you don’t have any social media management dashboards. Because...

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