What if you could just read the minds of social media marketers to discover where they stand when it comes to promoting their brands or products across social media platform? How helpful would it be to perceive how your competitors are handling social media platforms, their time commitment, and measurement?

Well, social media marketing is like a blessing in disguise. But, having little knowledge could shatter your marketing strategies into pieces. Most social media marketers are seeking answers to the questions which can help them enhance their social media marketing strategy and expand their business reach on various social media platforms.

Since, every cloud has a silver lining, I have narrowed down the answers of 5 questions that terrify social media marketers the most.

A few social media statistics of this year:

  • 92 percent of marketers claim social media is essential for their business promotion.
  • 69 percent plan to raise their rate of YouTube usage.
  • 58 percent of marketers are currently blogging, while 62 percent will start blogging in 2016.
  • 49 percent picked Facebook as a sole significant social media network.
  • 89 percent of marketers claim that increased exposure is the most beneficial factor of social media marketing.

Here you’ll find the response percentage for each burning issue and my answers are backed by informative resources for further assessment.

#1. What social media tactics will be more effective for me? – 90 percent

Of all the concerns answered in this post, this is the most asked by social media marketers. Since picking the right and effective marketing tactic, is the most important for participants.   Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn were the top 5 platforms used by social media advertisers in this survey.

There are few important considerations I think you must know before I answer this very popular and important questions. Never fall for a list of popular social media platforms because what works best for another enterprise might not work well for you. Simultaneously, don’t think about conducting an encyclopedic research project into social platforms your target customers are using before making any form of commitment for social media marketing.

The best practical approach is to ensure you’ve openly identified your business objectives and outcomes you can gauge because of a successful social media initiative. Meanwhile, think about your client’s goals and how the presence of your brand on social media will make that happen. Create a blog or any kind of social aggregator to promote your brand.  Your real tactical mix will be driven by the kind of social media content & experiences that make link people with your brand.

Following a basic overview of social media monitoring for your brand mentions along with a look at your web-analytics for sociable mentioning sites, risk your claim using the top 4-5 social media platforms if you’re B2C or B2B: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and possibly YouTube or Pinterest. You can also cross-post curated news and contents from your own blog on the internet most importantly towards the first 5.

Once you got a tempo for curating helpful news and sharing your blog post to these main social networks, you can gather Real data highly relevant to your company and choose where you can enhance your social networking presence with techniques.

By sticking with social networks that offer a mass audience personalized by your preliminary visions from web analytics, competitive research and social media monitoring, you can cut down the total time it takes to fully track conversation data that’s related and significant vs. the far-reaching generalizations usually made on social network marketing platforms.

#2. What will be the best ways to engage my target audience in social media? – 88 percent

The next popular question making social media marketers bang their head on the table is how to get their brand social and how to better engage their audience in social media?

Startups and companies new to social media or those at early phases in their social media maturity usually know the solution to this question but only lack the confidence to make big commitments.

A few of the practical stuff businesses can do to understand the best ways to interact with their target audience to reach mutual goals for their brand and customers include:

  1. Profile your visitors with social media monitoring, web analytics data, and direct surveys. Use that perception to find out the social networks they spend their most time on and also the subjects that allure them.
  2. Review competitor’s activities on social media to find out something they’re doing that seems to be working and stuff that aren’t.
  3. Connect and research with influencers inside your business. And not in a desperate way like “can you please share my blog post or tweet?”, but in a way that add value to your brand, “I saw your question about ABC, here’s a post on ABC best practices you could find helpful”.
  4. Check your community for promoters and identify them! Foster and help them, but don’t try to “buy them” through freebies etc.

Look for concerns being asked regularly on social media that can be clarified by your company’s unique knowledge. Turn into a recognized source for all those subjects by answering concerns without being look salesy. Organize these Q&A into an FAQ inside your blog or site.

#3. How do I calculate the ROI on my social media investment? – 87 percent

Curiously, more entrepreneurs are interested in performing techniques than gauging what works. This separate talks to the trouble in calculating social networking ROI for many businesses.

The most crucial thing any company can do is to better perceive their social media ROI to clearly identify their business goals, better perceive your customer’s goals & how your strategy for social media marketing will link you. Here are few factors you should consider first before moving on:

  • What’s your theory about the role of social media participation will make in offering value to clients and growing your business?
  • What issues are you going to resolve for your clients through social networking?
  • What’s your customer’s drive in the sales cycle and where does social networking easily fit in that experience?
  • Which social networking strategy can help you best entice, interact and convince your community to become your clients?

Answer the above questions and you’ll be able to better plan your goals and outcomes towards the social media strategy to be calculated. You’ll even be able to create correlations between key-performance indicators in social networking with business results. You have to dive deeper to determine how you can better measure your social networking ROI.

#4. What are the best social management tools? – 84 percent

You will find a lot of social media marketing tools out there that it seems like the wild-west. You’ve apparently heard big promises of tools automagically managing, monitoring, posting and measuring all of your social media activities seems too-good to be true as it often is.

It is important for businesses to find the right social media tools to scale their efforts and perform social media management, social media monitoring, social engagement, social content-management, social posting/marketing and performance measurement. Social media tools that actually do these things can cost as much as the wage of a full-time employee or even more, based on how many “seats” or use.

Determining which social media management tools will be the best for you needs you to some homework. There’s no making your way around it. You can start with some basic tools like SocioBoard but finally you’ll have to make a list of your needs and merge that list with the options that come with credible tools.

To make your own shortlist of social media tools, I’d suggest speaking to business peers and asking them what social media tools they use. This is something I intend on doing through an official survey later in the coming months.

Once you’ve got your hands on a tool, test it and assess. You need to know what upgrade path you’ll need in future as your needs grow.

#5. How do I create a social strategy? – 83 percent

It’s not-too shocking that most social media marketers take social media promotion a long after technique. Several businesses simply don’t know the clear answer to “Why”, not to mention “How” a presence on social media will improve client and company goals.

But knowing the “Why” is important for leading strategy, tactics and all of the physical blocking and fixing of everyday social media engagement. Well, this comes true in the dark areas where recommendations aren’t specific. The social media world is so dynamic that you couldn’t perhaps account for every backup in your social networking plan. That’s why a definite strategy with brand objectives and an awareness of client goals is important.

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