Are you struggling to get followers on Twitter?

Looking for the ideas to get people talking?

Simple ideas can give your business something to talk about, even if you doesn’t have anything original or new to say. But is this your aim to being casual or be a part of a crowd. If my vision is not wrong then the answer should be NO…….as an entrepreneur you may craft your business goal to reach high expectations for both yourself and costumes. But how to achieve your desired goals whereas there are many professional and unprofessional social media breaks happen with you and to get better social media outcomes you need to stay engaged with your customers for every span of time.

Why Need Mobile Apps?

We all are aware with the fact that social media never takes a break – and if you want to increase your social media followers especially Twitter followers neither you can too.

Vacation, illness, meetings, travel, childcare, car trouble, or even forgetfulness are casual and inevitable. But you may have noticed that on the days you aren’t tweeting the rate of twitter engagement and reach declined.

According to recent marketing buzz, a significant factor in Twitter followers growth is constant posting. In fact, those marketers who tweet more frequently get higher and faster Twitter followers as compared to those who don’t. In simple word, you need to stay engaged with your customers – even on the GO.

Whether you’re a newbie or an advanced user, you may find yourself in need of a ‘Plan B’ when life surprises you. The good news is that you can be prepared and maintain your Twitter growth strategy even when you’re mobile.

Whether you’re an advanced user or a newbie in Twitter marketing, you may discover yourself in need of a ‘plan B’ because life can surprise you anytime….any moment….anywhere. The good news is that with various social media marketing apps now you can prepare and maintained yourself very easily even you’re mobile with mobile apps. tBoard is one of my favorite app among the all mobile apps those are generally used to manage Twitter activities.

How Mobile Apps Increase Twitter Followers?

Since over 80% of Twitter’s users access the platform from a smartphone or mobile device, mobile applications have a huge opportunity to achieve a relevant audience.

To boost your followers and engagements you can have easy to create campaign, DMs (Direct Messages) retweet, content posting facilities that let people to download and open your mobile app directly within your tweets without paying a penny and stay engaged with audiences.

I personally implement most of my social media strategy from my mobile device and tablet apps. The result I get from it is unbelievable because, now I can stay engaged with my social media audiences and maintain the growth by accomplishing these things even on the GO, wherever I am.

In this post you’ll explore many more advantages of using mobile apps to increase your Twitter follower:

#1: Respond to Tweets

one of the keys to increasing your Twitter followers is replies to tweets posted by accounts with millions of followers. Followers liked to get back instant respond. But, if you’re out of the social reach for a couple of days then how would you do this. Surely you’ll loose thousand of followers within a couple of days. To maintain these type of situation you and your business need to use mobile apps to manage your twitter activities.


One more aspect is responding to a giant in online business is a prime opportunity to get engage with bigger social media crowds. Once you respond or retweet, your tweet is attached to guest tweet and everyone else can see it – in a short huge free promotion.

#2: Maintain Tweet Consistently

Raise your Twitter activity. When your online visibility increases, so do your engagement and followers. Are you doing tweet 3 times per day, 3 times per week, get ready to dig the nine yards and get huge followers because, now you can jump to 5 times per day, every day of the week with twitter marketing app. In previous, you may do 10 tweets per day, go to 20 with mobile app.


The concept will be observed by more eye during the day and also the week, increasing your chances of getting noticed and followed by users. Remember, it’s more straightforward to be overseen than under-observed.

Having said that, based on Internet Live Statistics, normally you will find over 9,500 tweets posted in every second. It’s very easy to get lost within the crowd and only regular posting can cut through it.

#3: Participate in Twitter Chats and Share Your Knowledge

A Twitter chat is just a live event that focuses around one topic and it is moderated by a person or brand. Individuals within the chat make use of a single hashtag and retweet to the comments or questions from the moderator and/or interviewee.


The main reason to get involved with Twitter chats is the same as for all of the other guidelines in this post: It raises your online presence and as result more followers will add in your list and provides you the chance to share your knowledge with both potential and new followers.

#4: Easily Promote Your Twitter Handle


People, those are connected in a single location likely want to follow you on others. As opposed to posting for your followers on Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest that you’re tweeting and they must follow you, below are a few suggestions for sharing your Twitter handle in better way with mobile app:

  • Post Invitations to check out you on other social channels.

  • Add your Twitter handle on graphics and videos or the footer of your presentations, and then discuss these on your own Twitter support systems.

  • Add your Twitter handle to your business card. Most people like to prefer online conversation nowadays rather than a call or email, so your Twitter handle is an excellent contact approach.

  • Incorporate your Twitter handle inside your email signature.

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#5: Share Other People’s Content

To build good relationships and start the business cycle of reciprocity on Titter, share other brand’s content. But how to do this. Weep out sweating off your four-head because with the help of twitter marketing app you can easily discover blogs within a short period of time and broadcast their posts to your own twitter followers.


In order to this make sure to include the Twitter handle of post author, as well as the blog post’s Twitter account. The blogger will get a notification that you shared his/her post and is liable to retweet, reply and maybe even follow you.

Bonus Tip: tBoard is an open source version of multiple Twitter account management apps, it assist you to login to multiple twitter accounts from your iOS or Android mobile device and do various twitter activities like re-tweeting, tweeting, favorites, un-follow, follow, scheduling tweets etc. It’s a very powerful twitter marketing automation app.

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Final Thoughts

The strategy to increase your Twitter followers is simply to keep engaging and reciprocating with your audiences. If you commit to being social and keep at it, not only your Twitter followers will eventually increase even all social media followers get the increase. Just keep using a mobile app and be consistent even when you’re on GO or enjoying the vacation with family.

What are you thinking? What is the strategy you’re using to grown your Twitter following? What tricks have had the most outcomes? Please share your suggestions and thoughts in the comments below!