Unlike other social networking platforms, Instagram is an unexceptional medium for advertising brand in the vast social space. The visual image focused community lets its user communicate in the universal language of pics and video, introducing the world to the probability of more innovative content.

The continuously increasing growth and reach of the Instagram are enough to speak about its great demand to the millennial crowd of audience. Instagram having more than 300 million active users offers great opportunities for enhancing brand awareness and purchase aim. It’s mainly for those brands who are well aware of the fact that users are more inclined to get contents which are made especially for users by the other users who know their requirements well.

Not only startups or small businesses are making use of Instagram, instead big, successful brands and businesses are making the most of it since last 2 years. A recent data showed that more than 67% of the world’s biggest brands are using Instagram, a photo-sharing app. Instagram is the fastest growing major social networking platform. More and more people are getting engaged, and this is clearly understandable by the fact that, after 2012 the engagement rate has raised to 415%. The Instagram’s curve is still the biggest story in the field of social sphere as a super brand on the platform! They still enjoy significant growth in community and robust rates of engagement!!!

There are several brands that have indeed taken the flying start with their Instagram marketing. For making a brand popular, one or two qualities are not enough, rather it demands several qualities, including brand values, unique products or services, risk management or marketing campaign attracting audiences. Marketing is a way to differentiate a brand from the other.

Influencer Marketing is a way of partnering with leading social content creators, those with key audience’s on networks like Instagram, and others, to assist satisfying the customer’s ravenous craving for views and stories relevant to the products they buy. The ever exploding industry is appealing to millions of bucks from brands in quest of solutions that would assist them in ruling the conception and distribution of customer content.

Effectively partnering with influences helps in growing their reach, revenue and brand awareness. For achieving all this, it must tap into the power of Instagram influences.

Why Use Influencers on Instagram?

Undoubtedly, Instagram is the world’s most engaging and powerful social media platform. Promoting your products or services on the social media is the key to succeeding in expanding your reach. And there’s none other way than partnering with social media influencers to advertise your brand’s offerings.

Influence= Audience Reach X Brand Affinity and Strength of Relationship with Followers.


Audience Reach: Number of Followers

Brand Affinity: Expertise and Reliability

‘Influencers’ are any user of a social media platform who has collected a huge following and influence over those who’re following them.  The social media influencers are acting like modern-day celebrities in the social media world. They are being trusted for their valuable and helpful opinions and add up reliability of the products or services they’re promoting.

#1: Promote a Partnership

If you want to promote your business and want your existing & target audience to explore the products or services as offered by you, partnering with an in-demand similar niche influencers can be helpful. They’ll exhibit your offered products or services, advertise giveaways and flaunt the hottest trends.

As we all know— “Together we stand” holds true in almost every situation and ergo if two personnel works and focus on a single task, it’s definitely beneficial. The dual effort will help to get more likes and extend global reach.

TIP: Look for the good influencers of your niche and get partnered with them and introduce some takeover, product campaign, or Instagram contest. This will help you create more brand awareness and new customers & followers in less time.

#2: Set up a Milestone

Make some good Instagram strategy to execute during your product campaign. Introduce your followers to your influencers through a blog, as it can add more perspective to your partnership. Sharing the influencer’s Instagram photo on own account, featuring influencers on the company’s blog are some of the effective ways to add up in your Instagram strategy.

TIP: Don’t forget to add the influencer’s name and relevant hashtags in every post. Add company’s site link to Instagram bio so that more traffic can be diverted to your blog through Instagram influencers.

#3: Join up for a Good Cause

Taking help of Instagram influencers, especially on social effect campaigns is tremendously beneficial in numerous ways. As influencers are already well-known for their work and capabilities, so working with them will indeed make the campaign go viral. Influencers are more focused in introducing engaging posts relevant to social impact campaigns, so it’s much easier for them to get actively involved and put their best, personal branding into the cause.

TIP: Research to get influencers relevant or similar to your cause and reach them. There are many Instagram influencers who take pleasure in supporting social causes.

#4: Benefit from ‘Word Of Mouth’

It’s a recognized fact that word of mouth is the best and the most effective marketing way that helps in generating twice the sales as compared to paid advertising.

TIP: Find the Instagram influencer who is not only popular, but have a sound influence on your target or niche market. Ask them to do an Ask-Me-Anything session on their personal, social media channels featuring your company’s offered products or services.

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Final Words:

Influencer marketing is a surefire marketing strategy to expand your reach while generating good revenue at the same time. Reach out the Instagram influencers to benefit your Instagram marketing. As a business, the opportunities for flourishing on Instagram are infinite. With patience, dedication, and creativity, Instagram can enhance brand awareness to a higher level and help you get new leads and more customers.