Facebook was founded in the year 2004 and went public in 2012. By then when it was launched, ZuckerBerg was thinking that facebook was helpful for only colleges. He might not know how it would play a key role in Digital Transformation. But now, Facebook is the stepping stone to the success of any online business.

The reason it became crucial for digital marketing is its population. As of now, it has a user count of around 1.5 Billion all over the world. So, every marketer should look at Facebook for his/her business promotions. Facebook has launched so many features for business brands and their promotions. Facebook carousel ads, business pages and instant articles etc. are included in the list. And now, it’s time for the facebook mobile video ads.


As per the Facebook’s statistics, its users are watching video content of 100 million hours, just for a day. This is incredible. And one other astonishing thing is, it says that by 2020, only the mobile video will have 75% share of the entire mobile internet traffic. Observing these statistics, marketers can find a great opportunity to promote their brands and products using these mobile video advertisements. However, video advertising is a bit costlier. So, marketers are searching for a right way of utilizing this feature and make their video creative for the mobile feed efficiently.

Facebook is keeping so much effort to bring this feature available for all the marketers. For that, it’s making many tests and delivering the tips to the marketers. And now, facebook is bringing a new feature that allows the marketers to plan the adverts and purchase them on facebook.  This is just in contrast to the way they do in the television ads.

How these Video Ads are going to work in the Facebook Mobile Feed?

We can observe that users are more interested in the video content posted on facebook. So, this is the wise choice of the marketers using the video ads on the giant social network. On the other hand, marketers should remember one more important fact that, users are interested in the short-form videos only.

If you observe the stats, in the span of five years i.e, 2010-2015, television ads of 15 seconds length grew 3.4% each year. Whereas, the ads with (60-120) seconds length declined. So, this is the best choice to go with the short-in-length content that describes your story well.

 ad length

So before going with the creative video works for the small-screen facebook feed, one must keep mobile in mind. The better way to make content for the mobile environment is to use the video assets like cutting, editing the long-form videos and make them short. This is proved as the effective way to make the video creatives for mobile feeds. Facebook is still testing many videos formats that give best results to the marketers. It is reforming the long-form videos and testing the performance of those formats.


What are the advantages of using these Video Creatives?

There are several advantages of these mobile video creatives. You can obtain better results for your brand’s promotion through the mobile feed facebook ads. Moreover, the storytelling on these videos is so easy when compared to the television ads. You need not make the users bored with  long-length ads. These short videos are attractive and useful.

What are the considerations suggested to the marketers?

Marketers should follow some tips for their video adverts. Facebook suggest some considerations to the marketers through its tests. Let us have a look at them.

  1. Try to catch the quick attention of the users:

This is well recommended to use some lifestyle products, famous spokespersons, action scenes or bright colors at the start of the video that intrigue the users. Attracting the users is completely depending on the colors and themes you use at the beginning of the video.


  1. Opt the videos with no sounds:

Rather than using audio effects, use captions, products and logos in your videos. Just try to make your video purely a visual content with no sounds. Always try to convey your story visually.

  1. Use Video Assets:

There are a variety of small screen video assets like editing tools. Use these tools and features like zoom, cut, crop and other visual composition features. Whatever you use, you should make sure your story told effectively.

Screenshot_1-min (3)

  1. Keep Experimenting:

The competition in digital marketing is more. So, we cannot stop with the results got from one or two trials. This is a continuous process. So, keep experimenting with these videos and try to reach as many users as possible.

Facebook features to purchase adverts:

Extending the help marketers get from these creatives, facebook has introduced new TRP Purchasing Features in the September, 2015. So now, marketers can match the mobile facebook feeds with their television advertising. That is, they can make sure that their ads are reaching their target market through the creatives. Marketers can also buy the Day packs which are available as 4-hour blocks. So that, marketers can choose the right time to reach their targeted users. All these features can bring your videos to life.


Visual content is the most attractive format of content on any social media platform. Users are much interested in the video content. It is the part of the marketers to captivate the users with their appealing video content. The length of the videos should be appropriate. You can take your own time to tell your story. But it should not kill the time of the users. So, take the help of the creative heads to make short form videos that tell your story clearly.